Roti Pelangi

July 15, 2021

KL's kaleidoscope of bread gets more colourful with Roti Pelangi, bringing a sourdough summer to the city's winter of discontent. Home baker Emma crafts loaves that are beautiful inside and out, strikingly stencilled and scored, naturally hued with fruit, flower and vegetable-based dyes.

For every loaf ordered, Roti Pelangi contributes RM10 to local causes like community gardens and refugee support groups.

Love at first sight and bite: Roti Pelangi is bread at its most nourishing, crackly and crisp-crusted with a dense but tender crumb, its mellow tang brightened by a bevy of possible ingredients - from red rice yeast to orange pumpkin powder (gently sweet, with cinnamon's aromatic appeal); purple sweet potato (elegantly earthy) to blended dragon fruit (pretty in pink with a fruity liveliness).

These hefty, weighty swirled loaves cost RM35 each, or RM40 for two colours in one loaf.

Roti Pelangi


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