Bread Winner

July 25, 2021

Slice open Bread Winner’s sourdough loaves to reveal extra elements to enhance your enjoyment. 

The Olive Trio Sourdough (starting from RM13) is visibly tinged with a threesome of olives - black, green and kalamata - that advance the allure of a slightly briny-bitter aftertaste.

The Shallot Sourdough (starting from RM11) might seem understated to the eye, but it's aromatic enough to sway the other senses, with the natural sweet-savouriness of shallots shimmering in each bite.

The flavour of the bread is altered but not overpowered - the trademark tang of sourdough stays intact, punctuated with new subtleties. These loaves are a textural triumph too, artisanally scored, their firm crust ceding to a fluffy-stretchy crumb.

Bread Winner
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