Homemade Baker's Table: Scallion Buns & Seeded Sourdough Bread

March 1, 2021

Homemade Baker's Table offers oven-fresh bliss in its Scallion Bread (RM26) - chunky but fluffy, soft and subtly savoury, with the peppery, herbaceous sharpness of scallions baked in. You can tear off its golden-brown segments cleanly and conveniently, making it a carb-loving snack to munch on throughout the day.

The Seeded Sourdough Bread (RM18) is also satisfying, channeling the nuttiness of roasted sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and chia seeds in a firm loaf with a crust that crackles crisply when you stretch it.

Homemade Baker’s Table

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