DIY Taco Kit by Lexy's Food Service, Beurre & Pour Decisions

October 11, 2021

If a taco party for two sounds like your way to welcome the weekend, dig into the new DIY taco kit by Lexy's Food Service, Beurre and Pour Decisions - top-notch tacos that a Mexican madre would be proud of, paired with scrumptious cookie cakes and splendid wine, delivered in a delightful bag that promises delicious things inside, every Saturday and Sunday, only in October.

The DIY kit is priced at RM198 this month (original value is RM230). Text Lexy at 017-6637787 to order - a limited number of kits is available each weekend!

Tacos don't get fresher or more flavour-packed than this in KL - fleshy, saucy, juicy, lively, lovely.

Pulled pork and shredded beef are the masterwork of Meaty Feasts by Lexy's Food Service, a carnivore's best friend, as its name promises. 

This is no mere meat - the pork is painstakingly slow-cooked for four hours in a rich barbecue sauce, while the Australian grain-fed chuck tender emerges three hours from a low fire in a spicy sauce fuelled by habanero chillies, tomatoes, orange juice and a special dry spice mix.

We love both - the pork is supremely succulent with a lip-smacking depth of flavour, while the beef is drop-dead luscious, with enough heat to make our tongues tingle (the level of fieriness can be customised).

But tacos aren't just about the protein - the entire ensemble needs to work. Thankfully, every component of these tacos is a triumph, starting from the foundation of 10 pieces of homemade mini wheat tortillas, cooked immediately before delivery.

Guacamole is hand-pounded to order - it's the most gorgeous, full-bodied guacamole we've had in ages. The pico de gallo has a naturally sweet pop from corn kernels, bolstering ripe tomatoes. Onions are home-pickled just right for a sparkle of tang. Lime and coriander lend zest and zing to complete the experience.

The fun is in building your own tacos, balancing them with precisely your preferred proportions of quality ingredients. It's fuss-free enough that even four-year-olds could practise and play with these treats.

Dessert is also distinctive, by Beurre, which turns cookies and pastries into unique 10-inch cakes.

This one is inspired by the sopaipilla, the Tex-Mex sugary honey-cinnamon puff pastry. It's turned into decadent, crumbly-creamy slices, thoroughly satisfying for the sweet tooth, with a caramel base layered with cream cheese fillings and cinnamon toppings. 

The kit is rounded out by a bottle of wine, from a selection curated by KL wine subscription purveyors Pour Decisions. You have a choice of red or white, the El Miracle Garnacha Tintorera (Spain) or Vicente Faria Animus Vinho Verde (Portugal) - the latter is a young wine with a fruited aroma, channelling lime, melons and green apples, perfect for sunny days, picnics and tacos. 

With all that, the kit is a killer choice for a date at home or a gift to your favourite people.

Orders close on Thursday weekly. Deliveries are sent on Saturday and Sunday, at 11am-1pm for lunch or 5pm-7pm for dinner.

Beyond tacos, Meaty Feasts by Lexy's Food Service also serves up lots of irresistible temptations like Angus ribeye steaks, rosemary lamb rack, and roasted pork shoulder - if slow-cooked meat is your mania, Lexy's might be your one true love.




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