Yat Sing Smokehouse

September 7, 2020

Gorgeously home-smoked pork ribs and belly, cooked at low heat over charcoal and wood for more than four hours, delivered to your doorstep every Friday through Sunday: Yat Sing Smokehouse turned out to be a terrific choice for a recent dinner with friends, prompting everyone to consider ordering more of this mouthwatering meat in the future.

Chef Aaron Ngow Yat Sing's ribs are our favourite, fleshy with a firm bite but sufficiently tender chew, gently nuanced in the natural smokiness that permeates each forkful, flavourfully spiced with everything from paprika to cayenne pepper. The barbecue sauce is also homemade, thick and tangy-sweet but not overpowering, making this an exemplary epitome of American-inspired BBQ. A set of spare ribs to easily feed six people costs RM180.

The pork belly is chunky and punchy, certainly worth pigging out on too (RM55 for a hearty 500-gram portion that two to four people can feast on). Add to the sumptuous smokiness with smoked beans (RM20), plus some coleslaw (RM20) and a bacon potato salad (RM20) for a complete meal.

Orders must be made at least two days in advance, with deliveries Friday-Sunday, 6pm-8pm. See instagram.com/yatsingsmokehouse or WhatsApp 013-3943570 for more details.

If you have dogs living with you, they'll definitely want a taste of Yat Sing Smokehouse! Save the soft bones for them.

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