Wandercakes By Kat

September 11, 2021

Wandercakes By Kat promises the wonder of fluffy cinnamon rolls, handcrafted with love and heart by a home baker who's a mother of two. 

Made with premium Japanese flour, omega-3 eggs, organic molasses, and of course, organic cinnamon, these rolls are tastefully, modestly sweet, buoyed by just enough cinnamon for a gentle kick, so you could easily eat an entire large, preservative-free roll and not feel guilty about it. 

They're available in Original (for a clean, clear cinnamon touch), Nutella & Sea Salt (for cocoa-nutty, savoury notes) and Biscoff Crumble (for that unmistakable caramel cookie creamy-crunchy contrast that blends beautifully with a cinnamon base).

We also like Wandercakes' Pandan Gula Melaka cake, elegantly eye-catching in presentation. It tastes as pleasurable as it looks, prepared with pure pandan extract, pure gula Melaka, coconut-infused cream, grated coconut and fresh coconut - terrifically multi-textured and tasty, familiarly channelling cherished Malaysian flavours, like a classic kuih transformed into a contemporary cake.

Wandercakes By Kat

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