Alocha Kombucha

August 5, 2021

Micro-brewery, mega flavours: With 14 days of patient fermentation poured into each bottle, Alocha Kombucha takes the extra time and effort to promise bubbly probiotic tea that's a pleasure for the palate. 

Alocha's Apple Ginger Kombucha (RM11.90) relies on a black tea base, potently fragrant with a full-throated punch. Its warming sharpness, thanks to ginger, harmoniously blended with the ripe tang of apple, is perfect if you prefer kombucha with a kick.

The Peach Kombucha (RM11.90) is light and lively, bringing together green tea with fresh peach juice, channelling the thirst-quenching comfort of fruit sodas, a cooling antidote for a hot, humid afternoon.

The most nuanced choice might be the Tropical Fruits Kombucha (RM11.90), its green tea base mixed with a medley of orange, mango, passionfruit, peach, apple and grapes. It's the ideal showcase for the vibrant complexities of kombucha, which Alocha takes through a second round of fermentation for a natural boost of flavour and carbonation.

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