RinzBakes: Rainbow Mooncakes 2020

August 15, 2020

Painting with all the colours of the rainbow, independent KL-based baker RinzBakes now promises gorgeously handmade mooncakes, with flaky skin in sublime shades of pastel, their delicately flavoured paste as uplifting as a cool breeze after a storm. We might not find a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow, but these mooncakes are equally enticing; if you're saving your calories for only a few sets of mooncakes in 2020, this should be one of them.

Each mooncake is painstakingly and individually crafted, so no two are exactly alike, making them delightfully distinctive. RinzBake's precious cargo is carefully handled even before it reaches you, protected separately in boxes of two, four or six mooncakes. Check out rinzbakes.com for ordering instructions; prices per mooncake range between RM15-RM17.

This is RinzBake's fourth year making these rainbow mooncakes after starting out as a two-sister team working at home. This year, they've moved to their own studio and honed the results of their baking better than ever.

The mooncakes exceeded our expectations. Even though they're offered in low-sugar flavours for less of a guilty indulgence, they remain satisfyingly tasty, crisply brittle to the bite, richly creamy to the chew, with every component perfectly proportioned. 

The white or black sesame lotus with egg yolks will be the crowd-pleasers, instantly attractive with their bright yolks, a fun take on the familiar salted egg mooncakes. But the other variations deserve as much attention. 

Three types of lotus each come with roasted melon seeds that convey toasty-fruity subtleties, best complementing the lightly earthy pu er lotus. But our favourite is the orange peel red bean with matcha lotus, its lovely layers revealing nuances of lively citrus, deep adzuki sweetness and a pleasant tea bitterness, swirling and blending into each other in delicious harmony.

RinzBakes' rainbow mooncakes can be conveniently stored at room temperature for seven days. Otherwise, they should be frozen to last longer - but we happily finished them in no time at all. Many thanks to RinzBakes for this tantalising teatime treat.

RinzBakes: rinzbakes.com

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