The Queso: Churro Cream Sandwiches

September 1, 2021

Spanish churros, turned into cream sandwiches: The Queso's home-baked beauties hit the cinnamon-sugar sweet spot, fresh from the oven for a delicately crisp bite that bows out to a delightfully creamy chew.

Doughnut-shaped delights (box of three for RM25): The light churro contrasts beautifully with the custardy cream in the middle - flavours include the Strawberry Custard and Mango Cream (with real fruit slices, plus strawberry jam and mango puree respectively for a balanced, textured experience) and Biscoff Cream, with everyone's current favourite biscuit spread infused into a luscious layering of cream.

The Queso
WhatsApp 016-238-8595 (order at least two days in advance)

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