Fino Piza, Taman Tun Dr Ismail

November 15, 2019

TTDI's new pizza parlour whips up wood-fired temptations with a crisp bite and flavoursome chew - head chef Shaufi knows his way around an oven, having worked for three years at Marina Bay Sands' Pizzeria Mozza earlier this decade; his thin-crusted pies here maintain the focus on the toppings, keeping things casual and crowd-pleasing for a fuss-free Italian meal.

Fino's toppings prove confidently proportioned, so while the crust might not necessarily excite, every slice is entirely enjoyable. The choices ensure there's something for every preference - each pizza is offered in nine-inch, 12-inch or 21-inch servings, with half-and-half creations also possible for customers to sample two separate flavours on one pizza. Prices start from RM18-RM24 for the smallest pizza, RM26-RM34 for the medium, and RM70-RM85 for the massive.

For our half-and-half 12-incher, we picked a pair of foursomes - four cheeses (mozzarella, blue, gouda and cheddar) and four mushrooms (including shiitake and button); the Quattro Formaggi is satisfyingly robust and savoury, the Funghi Misti is aromatically juicy and earthy. We also tried a nine-inch with roasted chicken fillet, feta, spinach, parmesan and charred onions, equally well-balanced and well-executed, for the sort of subtly smoky pizza that hits the old-school spot.

Not counting carbs? The bruschettas are worthwhile too, thickly and richly layered with combinations like smoothly mashed butterscotch pumpkin with beef bacon bits or chicken liver pate with onion marmalade (RM15 per plate, a solid snack/starter).

The menu is expected to expand in the months ahead - if it's available, order the kaya pizza for dessert; the coconut jam is also a sweetly sumptuous nod to nostalgia, relying on a classic family recipe from Fino's Johor-born co-founder J.J.'s mom.

Fino Piza

44, Jalan Datuk Sulaiman, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. Open Thurs-Tues, 1030am-10pm (closed Wed). Tel: 03-7733-7474

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