The Melt Club Co.: Biscoff Tiramisu

February 2, 2021

The Melt Club Co.'s Biscoff Tiramisu might be egg-free but it's fully crave-worthy, living up to its name with a melting smoothness and mouthwatering crumble. 

Bolstered by fresh, luscious cream and vanilla, buoyed by a Lotus Biscoff double-billing of speculoos butter spread and cookie bits, a bright and beautiful balance of sweet and tart. RM15 per serving, this tiramisu can last five days in the fridge, but it's guaranteed to be gone long before then.

The Melt Club Co. also does seasonal tiramisu flavours - we hope December's Kinder Bueno tiramisu will make a comeback sometime.

The Melt Club

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