Kaaskek: Mini Burnt Cheesecakes

December 17, 2020

Kaaskek’s muffin-sized desserts might be diminutive in size, but they're as densely, deeply rich as any full-fledged slice of burnt cheesecake, cheesy and caramel-sweet.

Kaaskek showcases four types of toppings for its mini burnt cheesecakes; our favourite is the Biscoff, with the speculoos cookie crumbs bringing brilliant contrasts in taste and texture to the cake. The Dark Chocolate is delightfully deep and nuanced, while the Oreo offers extra crunch and creaminess to a young-at-heart pleasure. Our only quibble is with the Nutella, too mild in its drizzled form to elevate the cheesecake - more Nutella needed! A box of six flavoured cheesecakes nonetheless clocks in at a very fair RM30.

To order, WhatsApp 011-2813-2807

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