Breizh, Damansara Kim

March 13, 2024

Breizh is Damansara Kim’s new contemporary creperie with a scrumptious selection of Brittany-inspired pancake pleasures, savoury and sweet with fun fillings and flair.

The kitchen makes an impressive effort with a French foundation, harnessing organic French buckwheat flour for its gluten-free galettes and T55 French flour for its crepes.

Savoury galettes could be a complete meal. 

For a cross-continental brunch, binge on the sunny-side-up galette with salame Milano and Emmental, combining the can’t-fail kick of cold cuts and cheese, rounded out with a runny oeuf mirroir to ooze over the beautifully browned, earthy galette.

The Saint Jacques provides a proficiency worthy of a Parisian brasserie - plump, perfectly pan-seared scallops and juicy pork bacon, luscious with leek fondue, creamy with comforting caramelisation.

For sweet crepes, the Mont Blanc-inspired treat is deliciously distinctive, topped with chestnut puree vermicelli, concealing a chilled centre of vanilla ice cream, crowned with a sugared chestnut for a taste of Christmas in March.

The Tiramisu brings together France and Italy in crepe logs stuffed with espresso-sprinkled mascarpone - pillowy pouches that infuse a soothingly fresh experience into familiar flavours. 

Other dessert options span speculoos with pecans to cinnamon-stewed apples with house-whipped cream to the classic citron sucre with lemon, butter and sugar. 

Fun fact: Breizh refers to the Breton name for Brittany, France’s region where European crepe culture was born.

73, Jalan SS 20/11, Damansara Kim, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

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