Manuka, Sunway Pyramid: Discover the dazzling health benefits of Manuka honey

February 23, 2024

We talk to Kenny Too, founder of Manuka Sdn Bhd, to delve into the incredible health benefits of Manuka honey, popular for its science-backed therapeutic properties.

Kenny informs us that Manuka honey is known for:

1. Antibacterial Properties: Manuka honey can fight bacteria that would be hard to kill with antibiotics. It stops the growth of bacteria like MRSA, which is resistant to many antibiotics, helping to combat skin inflammation, eczema, acne and more.

2. Anti-Inflammatory Effects: Manuka honey has to potential to alleviate various inflammatory conditions. It is one of the biggest antidotes to chronic mouth ulcers and sore throats. 

3. Digestive Health: Manuka honey can help with stomach problems like gastritis and ulcers. Some people say that eating Manuka honey makes their stomach feel better.

4. Skin Care Benefits: Manuka honey is high in antioxidants and is good for the skin. Consuming or applying Manuka honey can hydrate your skin, reduce acne inflammation and reduce lines and wrinkles.

5. Energy Boost: Regular consumption of Manuka honey is believed to have an elixir effect to boost energy and support detoxification.

6. Immune Support: According to studies, people who consumed Manuka honey had fewer colds, indicating its use to help the immune system stay strong.

"Personally, Manuka honey has changed my life," Kenny says. "I used to suffer a lot from chronic mouth ulcers, sinus problems and eczema. After consuming Manuka honey, it has completely stopped my mouth ulcers and sinus problems. I have also stopped using steroid medication for eczema as there’s less flare-up on my skin."

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