Grand Imperial Group serves up sumptuous specials for 2023 Lunar New Year celebrations

January 12, 2023

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Grand Imperial Group's restaurants have consistently ranked among our most reliable destinations for Lunar New Year dining, from the Year of the Dragon to the Year of the Rabbit.

This season, we've returned for a mix of classic favourites and creative fare, checking into Grand Imperial Group's restaurant at The Club in Bukit Utama, a convenient venue for patrons who live or work in Petaling Jaya.

With set menus that span Roasted London Duck with Century Egg and Preserved Ginger, Steamed Soon Hock Fish with Iberico Pork Belly and Glutinous Rice, Pan-Fried Hokkaido Scallops with Foie Gras and much more, Grand Imperial is ready to ring in the festivities with some of the Klang Valley's most sumptuous specialities.

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Seeking Yee Sang with a twist? While the prosperity toss typically relies on raw fish, Grand Imperial Group's range of this signature staple includes Yee Sang with Tiger Prawns - it's strikingly presented with plump whole prawns at their prime, bringing the succulent sweetness of the sea to this platter for a full-bodied chew, making Yee Sang more luscious than ever.

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The abundance of the season is also represented by Grand Imperial's flagship Poon Choy, soulful and steamy, rich and hearty.

This year, the Poon Choy is bolstered with premium produce such as Five Head Whole Abalones, Sea Cucumber, Stuffed Fish Maw, Fatt Choy & Dried Oysters, Japanese Dried Scallops, Pork Trotter, Pork Belly, Roast Duck, Steamed Chicken, Black Mushrooms, Yam and Cabbage - a bountiful pot loaded with savoury satisfaction. A CNY must-have.

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Lovers of lap mei fan, bookmark Grand Imperial's Steamed Rice with Chinese Waxed Meat in Casserole - we could happily have three or four bowls, beautifully blanketed with choice cuts, especially with robustly aromatic liver sausages, thick and tender, dark and decadently deep.

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A diverse variety of set menus is available. Memorable highlights include Deep-Fried Japanese Ayu Fish, delightfully crisp-skinned with delicately moist flesh, served with Mini Tomatoes Wrapped in Deep-Fried Bacon, a juicy burst of ripe crimson tomatoes with crunchy, umami-laden bacon.

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Fried Prawns in Special Sauce with Baked Bread bring crustacean comfort to the table, enlivened with a lovely tang that complements the prawns without overpowering them. 

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Steamed Nian Gao with Shredded Coconut and Baked Lotus Pastries offer vibrant colours to conclude the meal, infusing Grand Imperial's flair and finesse into time-honoured favourites.

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Grand Imperial is also elevating the bak kwa experience with its Bak Kwa Gift Box, showcasing Premium Iberico Pork Bak Kwa. Each box comprises 300 grams of first-grade iberico pork, with every piece handcrafted, fragrantly spiced, smoked and charred to tender, lip-smacking perfection. It's great for gifting but even better for taking home to the family!

Grand Imperial Restaurant 
Ground Floor, The Club, Bukit Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 03-7731-7223

Also find Grand Imperial Group's other locations at:

Bangsar: 03-2283-1118

Hartamas: 03-6201-3777

Sunway Pinnacle: 03-5888-7222

Sunway Velocity: 03-2771-1234

Pavilion KL: 03-2110-2913

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