Glenmarie Hotel & Golf Resort: Selera Kampung Ramadan Buffet 2024 in the revamped Kites Restaurant

March 4, 2024

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Glenmarie Hotel & Golf Resort's freshly refurbished Kites Restaurant soars high this Ramadan with a buffet brimming with traditional classics.

From Roast Whole Lamb with Briyani Rice to Ayam Percik Kelantan, Rendang Tok, Ikan Patin Tempoyak and Sotong Sumbat Masak Lemak, savour soulful and sumptuous sensations from 12 March to 7 April 2024 in a spacious setting with lots of natural leaves and light.

Early bird voucher purchasers can enjoy the Selera Kampung buffet at RM110++ (regular price for adults is RM138++, kids RM80++)..

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Feast on Roast Whole Lamb with Briyani Rice to your heart's content. The lamb is prepared to supple tenderness with a rich, clean taste, perfectly paired with firm, fragrant rice and a choice of rosemary, black pepper and mushroom sauces. A sure-fire crowd-pleaser!

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Fulfil carnivorous cravings with meaty marvels like Ayam Percik Kelantan, robust with a savoury-sweet punch, and the amazingly aromatic Rendang Tok, slow-cooked for six hours to ensure a succulent chew.

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Fans of fish, dive into delectable delights such as Ikan Patin Tempoyak, moist and flavoursome with a mellow fermentation, and Kari Kepala Ikan, thick with a powerful kick of spices.

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Seek out the Sotong Sumbat Masak Lemak - we happily went back for second and third helpings of this, thanks to the addictive lemak sauce.

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Aneka Sup showcases a rotation of soup, with varieties of short ribs, beef slices and lamb.

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Dates from Iran and Egypt, plus local Ramadan favourites like lemang, hit all the right notes for a Ramadan evening to relish and remember.

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Freshly grilled meat and seafood will sizzle up the experience - explore these and many more possibilities at the Ramadan action stalls.

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There's something for everyone - kambing masak merah, honey chicken, prawn with chilli paste, kung pow squid, lala with garlic chilli, sambal udang, aneka kerabu, roast chicken, roast beef, satay, bubur lambuk, roti canai, chicken murtabak and vegetable dhal, to name just a few.

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End with an ensemble of kuih-muih and sweet treats like bubur pulut hitam and bubur cha cha, certain to satisfy your family, friends and loved ones this fasting month. 

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