TalkCrab launches first restaurant in Kepong, serving roe-filled crustaceans & more

December 14, 2022







After two years of carving a reputation for delicious crab deliveries, serving over 10,000 customers since October 2020, TalkCrab has launched its first restaurant, specialising in roe-filled crustaceans and much more in Kepong.

If you haven't checked out TalkCrab before, this restaurant is a convenient way to sample all its favourite recipes, including massive live crabs cooked in classic Malaysian preparations, from the Signature Buttermilk to Super Kam Heong and Speciality Chilli.

And if you're a longtime TalkCrab loyalist, there's plenty of new surprises to try here, including Korean-inspired marinated fresh raw crabs and signature platters brimming not only with crabs but tiger prawns, clams, mussels and cuttlefish.




TalkCrab's setting is sleek and stylish, with charming illustrations beneath a starry ceiling. 

The restaurant relies purely on live crabs - some can be seen swimming in TalkCrab's saltwater tanks, specially temperature-controlled with multiple levels to house not only crabs but potentially other seafood, such as lobsters, mantis shrimp, abalone and geoduck. 






TalkCrab is well-known for its top-notch crabs, but its kitchen is more than capable of tackling all types of seafood.

The Signature Platter is the ideal introduction to the underwater bounty, available in four portions for 1-2 persons (RM138), 3-4 persons (RM268), 5-6 persons (RM328) or 8-10 persons (RM568). Each platter comprises A-sized crabs (450-500 grams each) with tiger prawns, whole-shell clams, New Zealand mussels, cuttlefish and mantou.

Customers can choose cooking preparations such as Signature Buttermilk, Salt & Pepper, Black Pepper, Speciality Chilli, Super Kam Heong, Golden Salted Egg, BBQ or Sour & Spicy. These recipes prove rich and robust, without ever overpowering the seafood. 

What elevates these platters is quality, not just quantity. TalkCrab takes care and effort to source its seafood, ensuring plump, prime produce with firm, flavourfully luscious flesh.




Roe crabs are another flagship highlight at TalkCrab. Bursting with vibrant roe, these are decadent crustaceans, weighing at least 350 grams apiece.

TalkCrab has newly introduced new preparations for the roe crabs - have them steamed with milk for a pleasant purity that preserves the natural taste of the crabs, barbecued for a subtle sultriness, or with salt and pepper for lip-smacking satisfaction.


For adventurous eaters seeking something different, TalkCrab's Marinated Seafood Series is our best bet, paying homage to South Korea's ganjang gejang.

TalkCrab uses raw, roe-packed crabs, as fresh as imaginable, light and smoothly delicate, marinated in soy sauce and served with seaweed (RM150 for two crabs), an experience akin to enjoying crab sashimi but in true, safe Korean fashion.

Round out your meal with marinated raw tiger prawns too (RM60), succulently swimming in gentle umami, buoyed by chillies for a spicy kick.


TalkCrab speaks the language of crustaceans beyond crabs - check out the gigantic river prawns, straight from Malaysian waters to the kitchen, bursting with sweet, moist meat.

Fun fact: TalkCrab makes all its own sauces, fine-tuned to perfectly suit its range of seafood.


Fresh Japanese oysters make a spectacular starter, slick and slightly briny, complete with TalkCrab's selection of tabasco, Thai chilli and Chinese chilli sauce with ginger and onions.


Fresh coconut juice is a fabulous accompaniment to TalkCrab's fare, keeping us revived and rejuvenated throughout.


Bonus: TalkCrab is currently collaborating with Malaysian corporate gift purveyor Lunarr - spend above RM350 at TalkCrab to enjoy RM30 off a Lunarr hamper. Find out more about Lunarr at instagram.com/lunarr.co


Congratulations to TalkCrab's founders on this marvellous milestone!


11, Jalan 15, Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong, 52100 Kuala Lumpur. 
Daily, 12pm-230pm, 430pm-10pm. Tel: 012-338-8838 or 03-6262-4002

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