TalkCrab: Lunar New Year 2021 Fortune & Prosperity Crab Buckets

January 21, 2021

With the Lunar New Year to be celebrated at home next month, bring more variety to your festive meals with TalkCrab's Bucket Sets, featuring a feast of fabulous crabs, mantis prawns, tiger prawns and premium baby octopus.

TalkCrab's buckets are the crustacean version of poon choy, a modern twist on traditional Cantonese and Hakka treasure pots. These buckets are powered by claws and tentacles, exclusively available this season for seafood fans, delivered throughout the Klang Valley by a youthful, fast-growing crab specialist.

Order a TalkCrab bucket from now through the end of February for a vibrant splash of brightly appetising crabs and more, perfect for a cracking-fun time with your loved ones, especially if seafood is a must-have for your Lunar New Year family get-togethers.

TalkCrab's crabs were one of our favourite crab meals of 2020, so we're confident these Bucket Sets will be a lip-smacking way to usher in the Year of the Ox. 

Fortune favours the famished: TalkCrab's mega-hearty Fortune Bucket features two fresh meat crabs weighing more than 400 grams each, 12 premium tiger prawns, 10-15 pieces of baby octopus, and 10 fried mini mantaos, as well as two servings of coconut water to keep the beach vibes going strong, even at a time when we can't hit the seaside (RM198 nett). This bucket is suitable for two to four persons.

The crabs will be cooked in one of TalkCrab's own fine-tuned flavours, such as Signature Buttermilk, Golden Salted Egg Yolk, Speciality Chilli, Super Kam Heong and Salt-&-Pepper. If you need a refresher on TalkCrab, click here for our earlier review.

Need an even bigger spread for four to six persons? The Prosperity Bucket is a princely portion, perfect for patrons who can't get enough of crabs and prawns. No Yee Sang needed!

If your family loves crabs, look no further. TalkCrab continues to run deliveries amid the MCO, sourcing the freshest and fleshiest crabs from most reliable suppliers, so you won't even have to leave your living room to throw a crab party that'll satisfy even the pickiest seafood enthusiast.

TalkCrab is a relative newcomer to the delivery scene, but it has delivered freshly cooked crabs everyday since October 2020. Its founders are young and energetic, committed to consistency and cost - they personally choose their crabs to ensure each one is as meaty as possible, promising them at prices that are 20% to 30% lower than crab-specialist restaurants. If you love exploring crab eateries, check out this crab delivery for a distinctively worthwhile experience.

If you love the ocean's catch, order some extra sides - TalkCrab casts its net beyond crabs too, serving up salt-and-pepper mantis and tiger prawns and steamed baby octopus with a homemade sauce. 

TalkCrab makes all of its pastes and sauces from scratch, even grinding its own pepper and blending its own chilli oil, so the flavours are as rich and aromatic as possible, beautifully complementing the firm, plump and moist seafood, never mushy, withered or dried out. Plus, everything's cooked to order, so you'll receive your meal warm and ready to eat.


Instagram: instagram.com/talkcrab

Facebook: facebook.com/talkcrab.my

Contact 012-3388838 (Scott) or 017-8795493 (Justin) for more information.

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