Sunbrew Coffee, Damansara Uptown

August 19, 2023



This Damansara Utama home is where the latte lover's heart is: Sunbrew Coffee brings a ray of light to its caffeine-craving community, serving espresso-based brews and seasonal filters, mainly for takeouts. 

While waiting for your beverage, chat with Jan and Liang about their initiative, say hi to their furry felines, and admire the artwork on their walls, including a mood piece painted by a friend, movie posters of Moonrise Kingdom and The Florida Project, and a five-foot cotton-weave Burlington tapestry blanket.

On some mornings, Sunbrew opens shortly after sunrise - since it's always five o'clock somewhere, kick off your day with The Boss' Secret Drink, a covertly citrusy coffee-cognac cocktail spiked with Mandarine Napoléon.

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