Santouits Sandwich Bar, Imbi

January 17, 2021

Santouits might be Greek for sandwich, but this new cafe speaks the universal language of love for crisply warm, freshly grilled panini, packed with punchy fillings - now available for pick-ups and deliveries.

Santouits serves a sourdough sandwich for every type of tastebud.

For the meat maniac, try the Thymeout (RM22; all sandwiches are served with a tangy coleslaw), layered with beef bacon and sharp cheddar for lots of savouriness, buoyed by Granny Smith apples, thyme and apple butter for a robustly balanced spread.

For the fan of fish, Solomos Dill (RM25) should float your boat, with smoked salmon and spinach brightened by a house-made lemon dill sauce.

For the egg enthusiast, the yolk's on you if you order the Eggcado (RM18), an egg sandwich done well enough to be our favourite of this trio, comfortingly creamy with kampung eggs, mashed avocado, vine-ripened tomatoes and cheddar cheese. 

Santouits Sandwich Bar

2-1 Jalan Barat, Imbi, Kuala Lumpur. Currently open 830am-6pm. Tel: 012-205-0960

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