Doghouse Hotdogs

March 28, 2021

A hotdog delivery service that spans Danish-inspired wieners to brunch-channelling franks? Count us in!

Based in Bangsar, Doghouse Hotdogs offers varieties like the Copenhagen Style (RM15.99), blanketing a tender, gently flame-grilled chicken sausage with a generous showering of crispy-fried shallots, diced onions, fresh and pickled cucumber, ketchup, mustard, and creamy, tartar sauce-like remoulade that blends mayo with chopped carrots. A hearty homage to the capital city of green spires' street food of choice.

The Breakfast Dog (RM15.99) brings together a Big Breakfast in a hot dog bun, topping the sausage with a rich mix of scrambled eggs and beef bacon. Our order was missing the baked beans, which would lend more body to this ensemble, and it's possible we'd have relished a soft-yolked sunny side up more than scrambled eggs. But Doghouse's efforts are promising enough to make its other offerings, like a Mexican-inspired Chili Dog with chili con carne, worth considering.

Doghouse Hotdogs
Tel: 03-2389-7715

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