Kimasu by N97, Bangsar

May 15, 2021

Bangsar's new hidden Japanese restaurant conceals intriguing chambers of secrets, including a crimson teppanyaki counter surrounded by samurai, plus private rooms with nature-loving themes of bamboo forests and cherry blossom mountains.

If you enjoy dinner with a show, Kimasu's friendly crew is eager and enthusiastic to please, bringing out the fire and smoke, plus the spatulas-in-the-air acrobatics.

The corn-fed Teppanyaki chicken is capably cooked, fleshy with a bite, rounded out with mushrooms, zucchini and negi (RM55). 

What makes it extra-special is the choice of flavoured butter to grill the meat with - truffle, kombu, garlic, or our personal pick, uni, bringing a lightly briny sweetness of sea urchin to the butter.

As a bonus for customers who love a lot of taste in their teppanyaki, the meat also comes with three kinds of salt - truffle, kombu and binchotan - plus truffled shoyu.

Teppan white toast, stuffed with medium-rare MB9 wagyu beef, sprinkled with dashi-marinated ikura, is Kimasu's signature katsu sando, a solid snack (RM98).

Other enjoyable orders include the sashimi salad, a hearty heap of fresh cubed fish tossed with a wasabi-goma dressing (RM35), and the Kimasu 97 Roll, a satisfactory maki layered with sole belly and unagi, complete with chives, ikura and tobiko (RM78).

If the chef offers you a complimentary creamy custard for dessert, say yes, please, and thank you.

Kimasu 97

Lorong Kurau, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. Currently open 6pm-11pm by reservations. Tel: 011-1230-6697

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