Blu Apron, Bukit Ceylon

October 3, 2021

Blu Apron is a red-hot, green-hued entry to Bukit Ceylon - spearheaded by Malaysian F&B veterans with warmth, wit and wisdom, it's a lovely space to spend an evening, feasting on thoughtful temptations under an artificial ficus tree.

Blu Apron puts a playful twist on its treats - start with the mini tuna tacos, with fresh maguro, marinated ceviche-style, its tenderness contrasting with the crunch of fried wonton wrappers in lieu of tortilla shells, rounded out with pico de gallo salsa and capsicum guacamole for a fun, lively ensemble that fans of mod-Mex will relish (RM32).

The kitchen weaves together beautiful produce with skilled imagination. If you love wholesome sustenance, order the salad of arugula and organic kale with house-pickled cucumber and onions, roasted capsicum and dehydrated grapes, tossed in a light lemon and fennel seed dressing with toasted pine nuts and gruyere brittles (RM25), or the local baby figs with baby spinach, brown butter and labneh (RM33; add RM10 for house-cured duck that delivers a deep, savoury punch to this dish).

Round out your meal with Blu Apron's takes on European classics: The seafood bisque is prawny, frothy pleasure, crowned with a delicate prawn and scallop tartare on ciabatta (RM32), while the pappardelle takes hearty, soulful inspiration from Tuscany with a medley of slow-cooked beef stew with Parmesan and ricotta (RM38).

Blu Apron
1, Lorong Ceylon, Bukit Ceylon, 50200 Kuala Lumpur.

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