5astBite: Instant chicken, ready to eat within two minutes

July 19, 2021

Just a minute (or two)! 5astBite’s instant chicken is meat at its most convenient, pre-cooked and pre-flavoured, perfect to prepare for a fast bite, in as much time as it takes to toast bread or boil noodles.

5astBite prides itself on healthy, hygienic poultry - each serving showcases 100 grams of lean chicken breast, totalling about 30g of pure protein. 5astBite's founders have sold 16,000 packs in four months since their launch, a testament to customer satisfaction.

This preservative-free chicken has been meticulously marinated, individually vacuum-sealed to curb contamination, slow-cooked and blast-frozen to retain its freshness and nutrients - you can keep it for up to two months in the freezer or a week in the fridge. Once thawed, all it needs is brief reheating, and you can savour your chicken instantly.

5astBite's chicken is available in six flavours, from Rosemary to Mixed Herbs, Black Pepper to Sweet Soy, Paprika to Spicy Mala. Order at www.5astbite.com

Reheating 5astBite's chicken is a breeze. 

You can submerge the pack in boiling water for 90 seconds. Or you can cut a corner of the packaging, pop it in the microwave, and heat it up for one minute.

The result is chicken that remains moist and tender, rivalling freshly cooked chicken breast. 

5astBite's chicken is versatile enough to complete any meal. It's ideal for healthy eaters who want wholesome protein to round out their salads, but you can easily pair it with everything from fried rice to cauliflower rice, mee mamak to pasta. Make it a topping for a poke bowl or serve it with simple veggies.

The flavours are distinctive and delicious. 

Rosemary is notably aromatic, with a pleasant fragrance that wafts out as soon as you open the bag. The Mixed Herbs tastes lush and uplifting, terrific for a vibrant meal.

Black Pepper channels the classic black pepper sauce, sharp to start with before mellowing out in the end. Sweet Soy evokes a comfortingly familiar plate of chicken rice, making it a safe choice for local recipes.

If you love spices, try the Paprika, with its subtly earthy smokiness, or the Spicy Mala, which boasts the unmistakable heat of Szechuan peppercorns without being too ferociously fiery.

5astBite's instant chicken packs can be ordered in various bundles. You can get 8 packs for RM75, 16 packs for RM139, 32 packs for RM269, and 50 packs for RM389. If you order 32 packs or 50 packs, you'll enjoy free delivery within the Klang Valley.

5astBite is also coming up with its own side dishes to accompany the chicken. We had a taste of its Pumpkins and Sweet Potatoes, all also precooked, to be reheated with boiling water or in the microwave. These are intentionally unseasoned, so you can choose how to flavour them, perhaps with a bit of salt and pepper. Both convey their natural sweetness, free of MSG.

All in all, 5astBite promises a super-efficient way to prepare lean chicken meat on busy days when you have little time to spare for cooking and cleaning. Many thanks to 5astBite for this sampling.

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