The Back Ground, REXKL

May 21, 2020

Fried fare with fiery flair fills the foreground at REXKL's latest main dining-and-drinking hall, distinct with wafts of wok hei and the sound of sambal being blended in this former cinema car park space.

Customise your own pan-fried pleasure, with a base of hawker-style noodles or rice. We chose coconut rice to create a plate of nasi lemak goreng, mildly fragrant with santan, tossed with cabbage, beansprouts, carrots, long beans, garlic and onions (starting at RM8.50). You can select add-ons like cashews (RM2), bamboo shoots (RM2) and an egg (RM2); we wanted beef tongue too, but that was unavailable when we visited. The final step is picking a spice level - we chickened out with regular sambal, but cili padi and pedas gila (with extra bird's eye chillies) are also possible.

Prefer a gentler temptation for your taste buds? The avocado spring rolls with mango chutney (RM15.90) are crisp to the bite, soothing to the chew. Wash down with craft beers by the bottle.

The Back Ground

REXKL, 80, Jalan Sultan, Kuala Lumpur. Open Tuesday-Sunday, 10am-10pm.

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