Planet Popcorn

February 4, 2012

Catching a movie at Sunway Pyramid? While we can't formally endorse sneaking food into the multiplex, it's tempting to peek at Planet Popcorn.

Flavors whipped up at this kiosk are commendably brazen, going beyond caramel & cheese to include wasabi, chocolate, coffee, curry & seaweed.

Consumed fresh from its airtight packaging, the popcorn here is crunchy but lacks warmth. Also, its flavors taste too mild to leave a lasting memory.

TGV's premium "Popcorn Royale, on the other hand, will send a sugar shock to the system. Richly coated in caramel, it's sold in big, pricey tins for sharing.

Need more sustenance before the show? Irish Potato occupies a stand outside TGV, serving steaming-hot fries drowned in thick melted cheese.

A bit further to walk, to burn the calories, there's Ninja Joe for pork burgers.

Big Boss burger with cheese & bacon. Satisfactory for a fast, inexpensive snack.

Something healthier: Moo Cow, for frozen yogurt. Here's one of their recent monthly specials, a Mandarin orange-flavored tangy treat, topped with dried cranberries. Refreshingly fruity.

And finally, to wash everything down: Kim Gary's blend of hot fresh milk with raw egg. Not for the squeamish, though it's certainly not as gross as it sounds.

Planet Popcorn & more,
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