Glass Restaurant @ Thistle, Port Dickson

September 14, 2013

Craving Italian food while visiting Port Dickson? Glass Restaurant might be the best bet.

Glass is located at Thistle beach resort; this outlet is however not positioned for a seaside view, though the pools the waterfront compromise.

Since so few Italian restaurants in KL take bold risks in the menu, its unfair to expect Glass to.

Spinach ravioli with ricotta (the menu calls the cheese homemade, but were less certain), drowned close to death in a cream sauce of garlic, mushrooms & olives. The too-stodgy ravioli reminds us why mass-manufactured pasta is never as prized as restaurant-produced renditions.

Soft-shell-crab risotto (RM28++). If risotto came from a can, this is how it might taste. Not tragic, but still sad. The saving grace is the pleasurably chunky crab.

We might recommend, to a certain degree, the build-your-own pizza, which we topped with egg (turned out to be hard-boiled), shrimp (cant complain) & anchovies (salty, but thats no surprise).

Wines available by both bottle & glass. Drinkable though unmemorable.

Worth the drive from KL? Perhaps not for the food, but the resorts not too shabby.

Glass Italian Restaurant,
Thistle, Jalan Pantai, Teluk Kumang, Si Rusa, Port Dickson.
Tel: 06-648-2828