Flat Earth Tacos, Bangsar

July 10, 2022


Tacos make the world go round at Bangsar's new Flat Earth Tacos - chef T.Jay pays tribute to Latino culture and cuisine with these tortilla temptations, complete with rich, vibrant flavours. 

With nine soft-taco recipes, there's something for everyone - the two most distinctive ones might be the Yucatan Fish, featuring mild achiote spice-rubbed fish delicately cooked in banana leaves, rounded out with refreshingly juicy salsa fresca, making for a mellow taco with naturally sweet nuances that perk up the palate, and the punchier Octopus, layered with chunky grilled tentacles, pickled carrots and olive tapenade, robustly smoky-savoury with a suitable zing and zip, bundled in full-bodied textures. Beautifully balanced tacos, all in all.

Tostadas and taquitos are also available.

Flat Earth Tacos

APW Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

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