Fatty Crabs @ Seputeh

May 31, 2011

No relation to Taman Megah's long-entrenched Fatty Crab, this casual outlet at Taman Seputeh supplies a fresh alternative to Siu Siu and Robson Heights Seafood Restaurant for customers seeking to satisfy their crustacean cravings.

No fewer than 18 crab recipes are available, from Green Chili Sweet & Sour to Bei Fung Tong Fried Garlic. Our first choice was a conventional one: the creamy salted egg version, irresistible with the restaurant's free flow of fried 'mantao.'

Sea salt-baked 'dong quai' crab, moist and meaty. Fatty Crabs also delivers food daily within a five-kilometer radius, with everything sealed in thermal containers to help these babies arrive satisfyingly hot at your doorstep. Details at www.fattycrabs.com.

Another intriguing concoction: claypot-style shark meat (no worries, no shark fins here, so this seems as morally correct as consuming various other fish). Somewhat similar to Spanish mackerel, swimming in herb-laden soup.

Nyonya prawn otak-otak _ comfortingly soft but not mushy, featuring sweet-savory notes and a gentle spiciness to leave your tongue tingling.

Complimentary dessert: homemade vegan ice cream _ free of milk, sugar & eggs _ with a pleasantly coarse texture and a taste reminiscent of soybeans.

Fatty Crabs,
62-2, Jalan Bukit Raja, Taman Seputeh, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 1-300-222-100