Bubur Nasi Kakya

July 29, 2021

If you relish spicy rice porridge, Bubur Nasi Kakya's signature special, the Set Bubur Combo (RM10), should titillate your taste buds, with sambal tumis that dominates the bowl, mingling with kicap manis, sesame oil and white pepper for plenty of punch. You get textures galore in each generously loaded spoonful, with the gooey-soft bubur flooded with (deep breath!) minced chicken, groundnuts, anchovies, salted egg, kangkung belacan, salted radish, fried shallots and begedil.

For basic bubur that channels old-school rustic simplicity, the Set Bubur Kampung (RM7) gets extra umami mainly from dried fried fish and anchovies for briny crispness, rounded out by salted egg, salted radish, kangkung belacan and kacang tanah.

Bubur Nasi Kakya
Delivers Monday-Friday from Sri Putramas 1, Jalan, off Jalan Kuching, 51200 Kuala Lumpur.
WhatsApp 012-685-8584 

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