42 Street Bakery, Mont Kiara

May 16, 2018

Every Thursday, a Korean chef and a Malaysian baker set up shop at Plaza Mont Kiara's flea market, selling a smorgasbord of meticulously conceived bread and cakes.

For a teatime treat, we purchased 42 Street Bakery's sourdough of substance (laced with dried apricots and a hint of Earl Grey), purple sweet potato and rosemary boule (boasting a solid bite), a cake comprising fresh avocados thrown into a vanilla batter sweetened with gula melaka (pretty wholesome-tasting), and a butter-free upside-down orange cake with extra virgin olive oil (pleasingly rich and moist). Our gluten-free sourdough loaf with quinoa and flaxseeds sadly went missing somehow, but it's clear that 42 Street Bakery pours plenty of thought and effort into its baking.

42 Street Bakery

Plaza Mont Kiara flea market, Jalan Kiara, Kuala Lumpur. Every Thursday, 11am till sold out.