Timothy Cafe launches KL's new wave of house-made fresh pastas with playful twists

December 9, 2023

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Strand by strand, strip by strip, sheet by sheet, Timothy Cafe has launched its latest temptation: House-made pastas, bringing fresh, eggy pappardelle, tagliatelle, lasagna, rigatoni and macaroni to this Melbourne laneway-inspired hot spot on Tun H.S. Lee Road.

The pastas showcase playful twists that include Malaysian touches, harnessing local produce like Kuantan-sourced salted fish and familiar flavours such as masak lemak. Even the classic Italian recipes are temptingly tweaked, with pesto sauce enhanced with kale.

If you haven't returned to Timothy Cafe lately, it's time to come back - with a new section for seating upstairs, an expanded kitchen, plus refurbishments to boost its capacity and capabilities, Timothy welcomes everyone to its alluringly airy, atmospheric space, popular with office workers and tourists alike. 

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Timothy Cafe introduced its in-house pasta to offer a lovingly crafted treat for its regulars.

These pastas are comfortingly made every morning with semola flour and free-range eggs for their better taste and colour.

If you're here early, watch the pastas being prepared before making your choice. Each one boasts a beautifully tender texture with a rich flavour, perfectly cooked for an al dente bite.

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Timothy opens bright and early for breakfast at 8am everyday. Then, from 11am onwards, there's a wide variety of pasta recipes to pick from for brunch and beyond.

We're instant fans of the Salted Fish Seafood Aglio Olio (RM36; in a choice of fettuccine or pappardelle), bolstered by the kick of Kuantan salted fish, tiger prawns and clams - the sea's bounty, tossed in a wave of of olive oil and mixed herbs. The crisp crunch of the salted fish brings a briny chew to this ensemble, buoyed by the lusciousness of the prawns and clams.

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The Creamy Butter Masak Lemak (RM32) also infuses Malaysian inspirations with beef bacon in creamy masak lemak paste with curry leaves. We love its naturally sweet santan lusciousness, with hints of smokiness and spice for balance. with the pasta as a lovely base to soak up the sauce. Bonus points for the nostalgic plate for this pasta!

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The Chicken and Duck Talk (RM35) is slurp-worthy for salted egg enthusiasts, crowned with crackly-juicy, chunky fried chicken cutlets over a potent salted duck yolk sauce with crushed chilli flakes. Perfect for poultry pasta pleasure, packed with plenty of protein and carbs.

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Also try Timothy's takes on familiar favourites - the Kale & Basil Walnut Pesto (RM35) harnesses a house-blended pesto sauce with a medley of kale, sweet basil and walnuts, enhanced with button mushrooms and Parmesan cheese. The kale is a nice, nutritious choice, giving a gorgeous green uplift to this meat-free marvel.

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The mischievously monikered No Bonus No Talk (RM48) is elegantly earthy, a bestseller that's thick with black truffle paste, truffle oil and button mushrooms for deep, dreamy umami, finished with Parmesan for a blanket of true Italian savouriness.


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Beyond pastas, Timothy serves a complete selection of brunch staples like the Big Breakfast (RM38 with chicken sausage, RM40 with beef sausage), capturing the essentials enjoyably, with a choice of free-range poached or sunny-side-up eggs, plump sausage, sauteed button mushrooms, baked potato, grilled tomato, sourdough toast with butter, and alfalfa garnish.

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The signature Timothy Shakshouka (RM32) is delightfully decadent, with fabulously runny free-range poached eggs nestled in a textured pomodoro sauce, made from scratch with fresh tomatoes and secret spices, rounded out with sourdough bread for delectable dunking.

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You won't go wrong with hearty bets like Fish & Chips (RM43) - extra-large, extra flaky barramundi fillet with hot-and-crisp golden fries, partnered with zesty tartar sauce and a lemon wedge for a zingy squeeze. 

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For dessert, don't miss the Fresh Tiramisu (RM22), sumptuously and softly layered, made everyday in strictly limited numbers, served in a charming Parisian patisserie-inspired jar.

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Pair the tiramisu with the Tiramisu Latte (RM18), featuring coffee mingling with Timothy's own fresh mascarpone, bright, light and fluffy, with a mellow cheesiness that cuts into the bold Cottle Coffee brew. Also available only in limited quantities daily, so don't be late!


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Finally, while you're visiting Timothy, check out its latest seating space upstairs and explore the laneway-inspired alleyway with tables set by some super-cute, custom-illustrated murals.

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Timothy Cafe 

24, Jalan Tun H S Lee, City Centre, 50000 Kuala Lumpur.
Daily, 8am-5pm. Tel: 011-3992-8716

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