Kafe Kleptokrat now guarantees you'll receive your meal within 15 minutes - or get a drink or dessert free!

December 21, 2023

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With a poolside view that has become one of downtown KL's dreamiest scenes, Kafe Kleptocrat was born as a hostel offshoot but it has matured into a must-visit destination in its own right on Tun H.S. Lee Road.

Despite being a busy cafe, Kafe Kleptocrat now guarantees that patrons will receive their food orders within 15 minutes. If your meal is late, you'll get a complimentary drink or dessert!

Cruising into 2024, Kafe Kleptokrat has fine-tuned its menu to focus on Malaysian favourites with flair. Savour a spicy, scrumptious spectrum of staples here, from Nasi Kerabu Kleptokrat to Lontong Kering Pakcik Alam, Asam Pedas Tiger Prawns to Masak Lemak Cili Api.

Kafe Kleptokrat takes pride in its fare, a tribute to local culinary heritage. Every recipe is prepared from scratch each morning, relying on many ingredients that come in fresh everyday, channelling influences that span Malacca, Negeri Sembilan, Johor and more.

Expect thoughtful twists in Kleptokrat's creations. For example, the Nasi Kerabu harnesses a mix of organic black rice from the highlands of Bario in Sarawak and red rice from Kelantan. There's even a vegan-friendly rendition of lontong! 

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If you love rustic cafes, Kafe Kleptokrat is an exciting escapade to explore, preserving intricate decades-old architectural details, authentically worn out with time. Lush foliage brings a soothing sense of nature into KL's cosmopolitan claustrophobia, while the calm blue pool rounds out the space with genuine getaway vibes. It's a mini-holiday in one afternoon!

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The Nasi Kerabu Kleptokrat (RM28++) is the perfect platter to start with - this isn't our typical Kelantanese-inspired classic; the two Malaysian varieties of rice come together in harmony with purple and pink hues, richly fragrant and flavourful, one of our favourite reinterpretations of nasi kerabu in KL.

Mingling with ulam, the rice is rounded out with a choice of chicken or beef rendang, smoked chicken or smoked beef, ayam goreng berempah, fish cracker, salted egg, kerabu bean sprouts, daun selom, sambal belacan and budu, paying homage to traditional East Coast punchiness.

All the protein is painstakingly prepared. The rendang is tender and tasty, slow-cooked for at least four hours, while the smoked meat channels the sultry heat of daging salai and the fried chicken is succulently seasoned and spiced.

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From Kelantan to Johor: Kafe Kleptokrat's Lontong Kering Pakcik Alam is available in three main versions - RM25 for beef rendang, RM25 for chicken rendang, RM22 for tofu rendang.

This takes inspiration from southern Malaysian wedding customs, tossed with robust components over nasi impit and soo hoon noodles, from the essential rendang to meaty fried sambal pengantin, kuah kacang, tempeh and vegan onion sambal. Addictively lip-smacking!

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Kafe Kleptokrat makes a point to specially serve vegan dishes in wooden bowls, such as the Lontong Vegan (RM22), brimming with chunky rice cubes submerged in a creamy gravy of masak lemak cili api with ulam, tofu, tempeh and onion sambal, free of milk and eggs. 

It's a mouthwatering multi-textural marvel, smoky and savoury with fresh, fiery notes. Soulful and hearty at the same time.

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Kafe Kleptokrat's meals are ideal for a satisfying lunch or sumptuous dinner.

The Asam Pedas Tiger Prawns (RM35) takes us to Malacca with its alluring asam pedas sauce, soaking fresh sea tiger prawns with a light, lively tang, pleasurably pasty, complete with nasi minyak, ulam and thick sambal belacan.

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The Masak Lemak Cili Api (RM25) remains true to Negeri Sembilan's time-honoured staple, deep and delightful enough to placate a strict matriarch, served with a juicy choice of daging salai or ayam salai, irresistibly indulgent with nasi minyak, salted egg, ulam and sambal hijau.

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Kafe Kleptokrat's desserts display a playful imagination with Malaysian and Asian flourishes.

The Azuki Pulut Hitam (RM15) puts together an earthy duet of red beans and black glutinous rice, chilling out with vanilla ice cream, sprinkled with Kafe Kleptokrat's house-made granola for a combination of full-bodied crunch with melt-in-the-mouth comfort.

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The Ondeh-Ondeh Ice Cream (RM19) is a young-at-heart temptation for all generations - ondeh-ondeh with gula melaka and grated coconut, blanleted with granola, turned into a creative sundae with two scoops of sauce-drizzled vanilla ice cream. Great for a hot day.

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Also recommended for beating the heat is the Coffee Ice Cube Latte (RM15) - frozen coffee ice cubes melt naturally and steadily into a pour-over of cold milk without sacrificing the intensity of the caffeine, potent with a bitter kick, helpful for hustlers who crave a powerful hit of coffee in the afternoon to make it through their workday.

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You Are The Lychee Of My Eyes (RM18) is even more whimsical - espresso with 
lychee juice on ice with a base of lychee sauce, perky and nectarously fruity, uplifting to the last slurp, with two bouncy lychees to sink our teeth into.

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Kafe Kleptokrat boasts its own Kombucha too (RM14), crafted by its sister cafe Kafe Kroni. These florally aromatic brews come in flavours of original, 
chrysanthemum and lemongrass ginger, nutritiously revitalising with a plethora of probiotics, fun and fizzy to sip by the pool.

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There's plenty of room at Kafe Kleptokrat. Even when it's full on weekends, patrons can head upstairs for extra seating overlooking the pool in a section that hosts special events.

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Kafe Kleptokrat
16-22, Jalan Tun H S Lee, City Centre, 50000 Kuala Lumpur. 
Open Sunday-Thursday: 11am-10pm
Friday-Saturday, eve of public holidays & public holidays: 11am-11pm. 
Tel: 017-642-8052

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