ss15 Courtyard: Savouring the School Holidays

March 6, 2019

This month's school holidays offer opportunities galore for parents and students alike to explore, especially in the realm of culinary escapades that help forge closer ties among families and friends.

For a vast variety of gastronomic experiences, Subang's ss15 Courtyard mall promises a parade of pleasurable adventures to thrill the taste buds, from refreshing watermelon cakes to risk-taking durian-flavoured chicken chops.

Here's our handy guide to some of ss15 Courtyard's restaurants that'll keep everyone entertained in wholesome ways, thankfully away from the classrooms.

Naj & Belle

Two main founders, one mighty restaurant, a seemingly infinite number of satisfied customers: Naj & Belle has ranked among ss15 Courtyard's most popular spots for more than two years, harnessing the joy-sparking allure of its sunlit setting that elegantly graces the entrance of ss15 Courtyard.

Co-founder Naj possesses nearly two decades of experience as a chef, so you can be certain of skilled creations here. All-day-brunch fare ranks among the top temptations: The Moroccan Eggs deliver a dash of North African flair, uniting shakshuka-like baked eggs with a flavour-loaded stew of dukkah-spiced chicken sausages, chickpeas and crumbled feta cheese, completed with slices of brioche to soak up the rich, tangy napoli sauce (RM28).

Naj & Belle's repertoire hopscotches across the globe, taking customers to a journey that shatters borders and boundaries.

From the heart of the ocean, a deep, dark Squid Ink Spaghetti is brightened by tobikko and sun-dried tomatoes that zest up the market-fresh calamari (RM30), while Pan-Fried Salmon surfaces with two large tempura prawns to offer more bang for your buck, rounded out with an elaborate ensemble of chilli scrambled eggs, tobikko and sauteed spinach, all seated atop a cushion of garlic fried rice, rounded out with a roasted sesame dressing whose earthiness balances out the oceanic brininess of the salmon (RM38).

Belle, a professional baker for nearly ten years, is the one to thank for the bevy of baked indulgences like the Ferrero, layered with Italian gianduja sweet chocolate and hazelnut for that crowd-rousing Rocher decadence (RM17.50), while the Watermelon takes the heat-beating juiciness of watermelon, enriching it with lychee mousse, enlivened further with strawberries and pistachios (RM17.50).

Beverages like the Cappucino (RM11) and Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte (RM15), alongside cold-pressed juices and mocktails, show that liquids are as well-executed as solids here.

Mamak Lemak Restaurant

For folks who favour familiar flavours that pay homage to time-honoured Malaysian traditions, Mamak Lemak Restaurant is home to a repertoire of recipes that reflect not only its founder's home state of Penang but a punchy Peranakan heritage.

The Nyonya Curry Stingray Fish is creamy and steamy, certainly dreamy, with a robust spiciness that pairs perfectly with rice (RM28.90). If you prefer a drier dish, but one that's still succulent and saucy, the Roasted Curry Stingray Fish shines the spotlight on the fish, placing the focus firmly on its sweet flakiness, compellingly complemented by a textured, deep-flavoured curry with lady fingers (RM29.90).

Sharing a meal with your favourite people comes naturally here - for a fun feast, order a combination of everything from Sweet and Sour Chicken to Broccoli and Mushrooms with Oyster Sauce to Pickle Fish Soup, each one offering its own unique flavours to ensure there's something for everyone. Besides a la carte selections, set meals are also available - these three dishes above can be combined with the roasted curry stingray for a super-reasonable RM42.90, inclusive of two servings of rice and some seafood tofu, easily feeding up to three persons.

Somewhat surprisingly, you can also secure a solid coffee fix at Masak Lemak Restaurant; for a distinctive delight, call for the Cocorina, a reverse-mocha that blends local coffee with a lot of Dutch dark chocolate, yielding a smooth start with a subtly bittersweet finish (RM5.90).

Owee Cuisine

Owee Cuisine has an intriguing origin tale, being an offshoot of a Banting restaurant named Sayang Manis that has been beloved for more than 15 years.

Chicken chops in creative flavour concoctions form the cornerstone of Owee's offerings, hearty and juicy to the max, reasonable for the wallet, served up with diverse dynamics that swoop from the aromatic, unmistakably Malaysian Durian Fiesta (RM15.90) to the gochujang-like, Seoul-spiced-up Korea Fever (RM15.90), plus perennially popular staples like the classic Creamy Mushroom (RM14.90) and Black Pepper (RM14.90).

For bargain hunters, add a ringgit to any chicken chop to make it a set meal that includes rice or fries and a drink of white coffee, milk tea, green tea, 7 Up, or Pepsi.

Owee consistently hears out its customers' feedback to help widen its variety of star dishes and sauces. Newer favourites here include a substantial Fish & Chips that'll satisfyingly banish hunger pangs (RM15.90) and the unique Rojak Chicken Wings, complete with a spicy-sweet rojak-inspired sauce that brings a breath of fresh creativity to chicken wings (four for RM12.90, eight for RM16.90, or a dozen for RM21.90; comes with fries and vegetables).

Oyster King

Oyster King can be considered ss15 Courtyard's de facto hawker centre, whipping up street fare, princely meals and much more within one seemingly humble space - expect signature delicacies from no fewer than three other F&B brands, specifically Hot Wings, Seafood Club, and Malacca Style.

True to its name, our best bet here might be the ode to oysters; for those of us who grew up in Malacca, oh chien will always be synonymous with timeless pleasure that cuts across generations. Don't skip the Super Fried Oysters, a monumental oyster omelette that's locked and loaded with extra oysters, plump and plentiful, completed with a signature sauce that helps make every mouthful marvellous (RM15).

Other temptations also inspire us to be as happy as a clam, successful bringing the sea to the shopping mall, from the Fried Seafood Noodles to Lala Fried Meehoon to Oyster King Fried Rice, each cheap and cheery at RM9, showcasing oysters and prawns, clams and prawns, and chicken and prawns respectively.

Hot Wings serves a distinctively different sort of street food - chicken wings coated in one of no fewer than nine different sauces, from the flagship hot sauce to nacho cheese sauce to honey soy sauce and more. A plate of six pieces with a side will only set you back RM14, great to grab and go or to snack on with a friend.

Seaweed Club is for the more health-conscious, with affordable sushi rolls constructed with seaweed (of course), carrots, sweet turnip and cucumber, crowned with choices of toppings that run the gamut from tuna to crab stick to egg, each going for RM6.35.

Malacca Style is the youngest brand of the lot, with a sharper, stronger focus on the Peranakan cookbook's classic canon. Even the strictest matriarch might approve of the Pongteh Chicken (RM10.90) and the Asam Pedas Fish (RM10.90), recreated authentically to feel like they were plucked straight from the kitchen of a Nyonya neighbourhood.

It's clear that Oyster King and its affiliated brands promise the power of choice to customers; come here if everyone in your group craves something different to munch on.

And of course, as a mall, there's much to browse and buy here too - if you own dogs, cats and other faithful, furry companions, it's worth noting that a well-equipped Pet Lovers Centre is tucked in the basement car park, with a selection that includes premium products shipped in from Britain and New Zealand. This branch of Pet Lovers Centre recently brought in Pero, a pet food brand that has won awards in the UK, to bolster its array of litter boxes, cages, toys, laser pointers, automated feeding systems and everything else your pet might need.

Hungry for fun as well as food? The mall also beckons with other highlights that go beyond the stomach: Strengthen your vocal chords with a tune-up at Loudspeaker for exuberant karaoke - the ss15 Courtyard outpost accommodates groups of two to thirty, with prices per person plunging to as low as RM7 at lunchtime on weekdays, scaling back up to RM35 on weekends and public holidays. With a song selection that spans the golden oldies to the glittery modern hits, plus a full staff that's attentive to your needs, every room will be bursting with a chorus of harmonious hurrahs.

Many thanks to ss15 Courtyard for having us back.

ss15 Courtyard

Jalan SS 15/4g, SS15, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

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