Stay-Home Cooking #6: Steamboat Soup Base by Cooking Ah Pa

April 5, 2020

All in the same Boat: With everyone staying in, Cooking Ah Pa's fuss-free, homemade steamboat soup base floats to the top of our comfort-fare wishlist for a household feast, especially for rainy evenings.

Click HERE to view Cooking Ah Pa's original video on this recipe, prepared with batches of fresh ingredients that set up the soup.

Batch One - vegetables: Green onions, red carrots, and sliced ginger. Cooking Ah Pa also recommends adding white radish or big onion to the mix, but he says you can use pretty much any vegetables.

Batch Two - assorted mushrooms: King oyster mushrooms, Japanese bunapi mushrooms, maitake mushroom.

Batch Three - any kind of meat: Cooking Ah Pa uses 800 grams of various free-range chicken parts for this recipe, including the breast meat, leg, feet, bones.

Batch Four - Chinese herbs: Yuk chuk (Solomon's seal, two to three tablespoons) and tong kui (angelica), for a more potent fragrance.

Wash the ingredients properly. Bring about two to three litres of water to boil. Put in the vegetables, then the chicken, then the mushrooms. Finally, put in the herbs.

Raise the heat to boiling. Then close the lid, turn the fire down, and let it simmer on medium low heat for about an hour.

After an hour, the soup should be super - no extra seasoning needed!

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