Sky Palace: 2018 Chinese New Year Menu

January 18, 2018

By EDKL Writer A.A.

Let the feasting begin: With Chinese New Year fast hurtling toward us next month, it's time to embark on the annual ritual of celebrating with family, friends, colleagues and business associates over sumptuous meals of special fare.

Patrons seeking a fresh-faced restaurant that strives to satisfy can venture to Sky Palace, currently one of Subang's well-kept secrets. The key to its fine craft is executive chef Lai Yong Meng, who spent three decades sharpening his skills at top Chinese restaurants in Singapore before recently returning to Malaysia.

The Malacca-raised Lai is the epitome of an international award-winning chef - since 2000, he's earned a silver placing at at the World Chinese Cuisine Competition in Tokyo; a Special Gold Award in the World Chinese Red Pocket Cooking Contest in Wuhan, China; a Special Gold Award for the team competition at the World Chinese Cuisine Cooking Contest in Kuala Lumpur; and most recently, the Gold Award at the World Chinese Cuisine Competition in the Netherlands in 2016.

With his impressive resume, it's clear that Lai is a chef worth eating for, and his festive offerings, now already available to usher in the Year of the Dog, mark the ideal introduction to his cooking.

All the essential indulgences are accounted for - we recommend Sky Palace's Prosperous Treasure Pot (RM488 for six persons or RM688 for 10; the portion pictured is for six). It's definitely poon choi done right, lusciously layered with everything from abalone to tiger prawns, sea cucumber to scallops, chicken to duck, pork belly to fish maw, dried oysters to bean curd skin, mushrooms to yam, black moss to white radish, and more.

It's a smashing smorgasbord, easily meriting the season's price - all killer, no filler, in a respectably substantial serving, with each component irreproachably executed for pure enjoyment; there's no shortage of fresh-tasting seafood, tender meat and tasty starches for everyone to scoop up. We're certainly considering having this once again in February.

We sampled several recipes from the Chinese New Year menus; one of the most impressive is the Freshwater Prawn Rice in Lobster Stock (RM 58), a true treat for crustacean enthusiasts, courtesy of the two-punch combination of fleshy, roe-rich prawns and the naturally sweet broth of lobster stock. With some rice buried beneath the prawn, it makes for a very balanced and fulfilling bowl.

From freshwater prawns to those from the ocean: We'll also vouch for the Wok-Fried Sea Prawns with Golden Oats (RM 48), terrifically plump and succulent, buoyed by a flavoursome crunch - what we love about chef Lai's efforts is how he succeeds in bringing out the best in his ingredients with an expert sense of restraint that results in lovely subtleties. Instead of trying to dazzle with gimmicks, Lai's recipes stick to confident techniques and clear-eyed tradition, rich in nuances that set him apart.

With a chef this proficient, we can rest assured that seafood will meet the mark: Fresh Scallops with Egg White, Mushrooms and Broccoli (RM 58), an exercise in the fundamentals of simplicity, with each mouthful conveying a harmonious precision of flavours and textures working together. 

The parade of dishes ensures there's something for everyone from start to finish, from mouth-watering consommes to lip-smacking sirloin beef with wild fungus in black pepper sauce. Look out for Sky Palace's full CNY menus soon on its Facebook page - facebook.com/SkyPalaceFineChineseCuisine - or ring up the restaurant for details.

Sky Palace's banquet halls are spacious, sufficient to host weddings and other large events. The restaurant also boasts private dining rooms that can seat 10 to 40 people, best booked at least two days in advance even on regular occasions.

Many thanks to Sky Palace for having us.

Sky Palace
B-GF-01 to 07, Block B, Ground Floor, Sky Park@One City, Jalan USJ 25/1, Subang Jaya, Selangor. Open daily, 1130am-230pm, 6pm-1030pm. Tel: 03-8601-8601

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