Perennia Foods: The perfect partners for far-reaching food distribution in Peninsular Malaysia

September 24, 2021

If you're an F&B entrepreneur who creates excellent food products, making anything from meat patties to mochi, reaching a wide market can be complicated and challenging.

Perennia Foods strives to be a simple but reliable solution - its founders, Raymond Anthony and Tharshini Kantan, have spent three years constructing a distribution channel that stretches comprehensively throughout Peninsular Malaysia.

Perennia's reach includes popular chains like Jaya Grocer, as well as speciality marts such as Mercearia Neighbourhood Grocer, Bila Bila Mart and Jardin Gourmet Grocer, plus the latest, trendiest stores like Qra Foods - precisely where your target market can be found shopping.

That makes it easier for the right customers to discover your premium products on their favourite supermarket shelves, besides ordering them directly from Perennia.

Perennia Foods has a passion for Malaysian brands - Raymond and Tharshini believe that locally produced ingredients should earn broader respect and recognition. So instead of focusing on imported ingredients, Perennia seeks to showcase top-quality Malaysian choices.

Perennia is Malaysia's primary distributor for Victoria Crest, the Shah Alam-based producer of gourmet sausages, meat patties and pies. Its traditional British-inspired range also includes innovative flavours like Dynamite Chilli and Sarawak Pepper for Malaysian palates, with strict controls on salt, preservative and fat content without undermining flavour.

Perennia is also a partner of Foods Wise Network, which specialises in natural foods, emphasising durian and tropical fruit products made with fresh ingredients, free of MSG, artificial colouring and flavouring. Its produces frozen mochi in flavours like cempedak, durian matcha, strawberry, and blueberry cheese, as well as ice cream, sponge cakes, pastes, puffs and pulp.

Also on Perennia Food's roster is ECO Organic Malaysia, purveyors of organic herbal beverage powders, conveniently offering the health-minded goodness of turmeric, ginger, moringa and other mixes of herbs and spices.

For fans of caffeine, Perennia promotes Friends of Coffee, serving up black drip coffee in aromatic blends. Rich in aroma and body, these blends harness freshly roasted 100% fine Arabica beans, yielding notes of dark chocolate and mixed nuts with a spicy aftertaste.

From outside Malaysia, Perennia Foods' horizons extend from East to West, bringing in Organic Valley powder-based products from India, and the authentically Dutch snack of Daelmans Stroopwafels.

Perennia Foods provides consistent support for its partners, not only in distribution but marketing, sales and promotions. If you have an exciting product that you want to see reach Malaysians on a large scale, contact Perennia Foods to find out how.

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