Old Hands Cafeteria offers a Japanese touch in The Starhill's new Eslite Spectrum

December 17, 2022

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Find a familiar face in a fresh location: Visitors to Eslite Spectrum's new Southeast Asian flagship store in The Starhill have plenty of choices for cafes, but Old Hands Cafeteria is currently the sole one that specialises in Japanese fare. 

Featuring snacks and sips to perk the palate, introducing dango dumplings to its repertoire for the first time, Old Hands' latest outpost is small in size but big on plans, aiming to also be an experiential venue for future matcha tasting workshops and other activities.

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To celebrate its launch in Eslite Spectrum, Old Hands Cafeteria is now serving dango, the skewered Japanese rice flour dumplings.

These tidbits promise a pleasant chew with a light crisp (RM10-RM12 for two sticks, depending on the topping). Choices comprise the classic Anko Dango (with red bean topping), Kinako Dango (with roasted soybean flour), Mitarashi Dango (with sweet soy glaze), Sweet Potato Dango (with sweet potato paste) and most uniquely, the Edamame Dango (with Old Hands' thick, house-made edamame paste).

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Traditional temptations like taiyaki also make for merry munching. 

The bestseller is the classic Anko (RM9.50), patiently prepared with layers of red bean for distinct textures within its sea bream shape. If you're seeking modern flavours, try the Banana Chocolate (RM10) or the Sweet Potato (RM10).

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Other interesting highlights include Yakimochi, a time-honoured treat customarily eaten while enjoying the view of a full moon (RM15), and Zenzai with Toasted Rice Cake, a delicate red bean soup, delicious for dunking with the browned rice cake (RM15).

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The Anko Butter Bun (RM6.50) is the most indulgent pick - oft, fluffy buns, stuffed with thick blocks of butter and red bean paste, smooth and sumptuous. Irresistible!

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The Raindrop Cake (RM14) is an agar attraction with kinako on the side, splashed with maple syrup - perfect if you're craving something somewhat sweet without too many calories. 

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Recommended beverages include the Houjicha Latte (RM16) with smoky, nutty roasted nuances, a terrific refreshment to battle thirst while exploring Bukit Bintang's latest hotspot. 

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Old Hands Cafeteria
First Floor, Eslite Spectrum, The Starhill, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

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