Old Hands Cafe made its mark with mochi takeouts. Now, it's time to visit for Japanese bakes & brews, crafts & culture

March 15, 2022

When Old Hands Cafe first opened in May 2021, its handcrafted mochi became an instant must-have, with scores of boxes sold out each morning for takeouts and deliveries, bringing a bit of bliss to customers in lockdown.

Nearly a year later, the cafe has blossomed into a venue to visit on a calm corner of PJ - if you've already devoured Old Hands' mochi at home, it's time to personally check out this space for its wide selection of bakes and brews, crafted with authentic ingredients from Japan.

Fans of distinctive cafes will enjoy exploring this culturally vibrant setting of Japanese arts and crafts, with charming illustrations lining its walls and origami folded by Old Hands' team and patrons (there are plans for origami workshops soon in collaboration with the Malaysian Origami Association).

Old Hands Cafe's traditional anko mochi remains its signature wagashi, made with glutinous rice flour from Japan and a red bean paste that's a unique blend of two types of red beans. This is soft and supple, elegantly elastic, with a richly textured red bean filling.

But there's more to relish - from preservative-free taiyaki, a cute fish-shaped breakfast for all ages, with fillings of dark chocolate, cream cheese or red bean, to fluffy, fresh-baked buns made with Japanese-sourced flour, sliced open with stuffings such as smoked sausage and mentai mayo. Have your meal here for a leisurely break with family and friends, or bring it back to the office for grab-and-go convenience.

You'll even find hand-tossed pizzas baked to order, with Japanese-inspired toppings like Japanese curry chicken, unagi, teriyaki chicken, mushroom, chicken sausage, or kanifumi (premium crab sticks).

Old Hands Cafe's offerings are great for gifting. The mochi will make your loved one's day, but you can also send a yuzu burnt cheesecake, dark chocolate brownies, and decadent Raku chocolates in packs of 16 pieces, complete with a lovely gift card with a personalised message, available by request.

Old Hands' flagship drinks complement its savouries and sweets perfectly, showcasing Kyoto-origin matcha, hojicha and genmaicha, plus coffee choices that span Americanos to lattes. All beverages here are unsweetened, with no added sugar or syrup, for health-conscious sipping.

With ample parking on this street near Bandar Utama, Old Hands Cafe is easy to reach from everywhere in Petaling Jaya. It's also available for delivery orders on app.theother.kitchen/oldhandscafe

Old Hands Cafe
1-13 Glomac Centro, Lorong Masjid 1, Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Open Tuesday-Sunday, 9am-5pm. Tel: 011-5411-3398

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