Mori Kohi: Tamagoyaki, torikatsu, tendon & more in KL's lush urban oasis

May 9, 2022

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Soothing bowls of Japanese-inspired noodles and rice, served with stellar matcha and coffee beverages under a leafy shade: Over the past six months, Mori Kohi has become a true oasis in the city centre, an urban sanctuary that's only a five-minute drive from KLCC, promising a lush retreat to calm the soul and comfort the spirit.

We returned recently to rediscover Mori Kohi's refreshed menu, inspired by Japanese classics to reignite our culinary romance with tamagoyaki, torikatsu, tendon and more.

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At 4 PM on a Friday evening, Mori Kohi remains popular for a late lunch, with customers catching up with each other or on work before the weekend. Enjoy your meal beside the barista's counter indoors, or better still, savour the fresh air at the alfresco area lined with a plethora of plants, evoking the fringe of a forest.

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Mori Kohi's somen is a satisfying choice that the restaurant's regulars keep coming back for, served hot or cold, superb in its sheer simplicity, elegant with thin, firm wheat flour noodles in a beautiful broth that's light-textured but flavourful-tasting (RM15) - we slurped this up to the last strand of somen and final spoonful of soup.

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The Mori Signature Tendon is a consistent bestseller (RM28), taking 20 minutes to prepare on order. The wait is worthwhile - a heap of freshly fried tempura, spanning seafood to vegetables, warm and crunchy on steamed rice, showered with delicate soy dressing. One of Mori Kohi's most-photographed temptations, its plump prawns perched tall on a lovely bowl.

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For fans of Japanese curry rice, the Torikatsu Curry Rice is a safe bet, with a hearty panko chicken cutlet cushioned with creamy, mild curry, complete with rice and crisp vegetables for a balanced lunch that any full-fledged Japanese kitchen would be proud to serve (RM25).

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Mori Kohi's latest offering is the Seasonal Unagi Don (RM39), excellent for eel and egg enthusiasts - lift the lid on the traditional lacquer box to reveal its contents, bursting to the brim with a hefty helping of unagi on fluffy shredded omelette with rice. A can't-fail, crowd-pleasing combination.

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For a snack to share, Mori Kohi's take on tamagoyaki comes with a terrific twist - the rolled omelette is topped with shirasu, boiled juvenile sardines with a softness that complements the egg surprisingly well, for an extra layer of lusciousness (RM19).

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Beyond Japanese favourites, Mori Kohi also offers wholesome treats that will please cafe-hoppers. The Mixed Berry Smoothie is bright and buoyant with frozen berries and bananas, blanketed with granola on coconut milk (RM23), while the Mori Caramel Pudding promises a little more indulgence, uplifted with seasonal fruits to brighten up any day (RM17).

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Mori Kohi takes pride in its artisanal matcha, mocktail and coffee beverages too - relax and unwind over a reviving glass of Yuri Matcha Latte or Mori Fizzy Mojito, or a Cafe Latte crafted with meticulous art. Service is friendly and attentive here, the icing on the cake for a destination that's destined to endure for a long time to come.

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Mori Kohi
11, Jalan Aman, off Jalan Tun Razak, 55000 Kuala Lumpur. 

Daily, 10am-10pm. Tel: 03-2300-1165 

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