Millilitre: Delicious drip bag coffee to take anywhere, make in three minutes

October 10, 2021

If coffee cravings hit you throughout the day, you never want to be caught without coffee at hand. 

Millilitre's drip bag coffee offers the easiest way to get a fulfilling caffeine fix - with only a cup and hot water. No coffee machines, no baristas, no brewing skills necessary!

Millilitre, a Malaysian coffee supply specialist, has been helping home brewers enjoy better coffee for the past three years. It relies on 100% natural coffee, with no sugar or artificial flavourings.

Its drip bag coffee is locally roasted, ground and packaged every week, so you'll be assured of a fresh batch for each order. 

You can enjoy 10% off Millilitre’s entire range of drip coffee and other products today, Sunday, October 10, by ordering on millilitre.my

We recently sampled two of Millilitre's seven varieties of premium drip bag coffee, which ranges from the House Blend (RM45 for 10 packets) to the Peru (RM50 for 10 packets). 

Whether you favour bold, aromatic roasts or light, floral and fruity beans, Millilitre has you covered.

Its thoughtfully curated selection takes you across the world in a single sip, from Southeast Asia's Sumatra Mandheling and Vietnam Dalat to Africa's Ethiopia Yirgacheffe to South America's Brazil Minas Gerais. There's even a Night Walker artisanal blend if you want something extra-special.

If you're new to the drip bag coffee experience, have no fear: In each box, Millilitre includes clear, simple instructions on how to prepare your coffee.

Millilitre has put plenty of care and consideration into its drip bag coffee, meant for 180-ml brew sizes.

For example, Millilitre offers 12-gram packets, instead of the conventional 8-gram packets. This is because many Malaysians prefer a punchier coffee and tend to make their coffee in slightly larger cups. An 8-gram packet might taste too diluted, while a 12-gram packet ensures a pleasant kick.

Tear open the packet and take out the filter bag inside. After that, the process is a breeze:

1. Shake the filter bag lightly to loosen the ground coffee inside.
2. Tear off the top of the drip bag along the dotted line.
3. Place its hanger on your cup, mug or glass,
4. Pour the first 24ml of hot water and let it bloom for 35 seconds.
5. Pour the remaining 156ml and let it drip through the filter.
6. Remove the filter bag, stir the coffee, and savour your first sip!

The House Blend brings together Arabica and Robusta medium-roasted beans from Indonesia, Brazil and Colombia, designed to replicate a kaw cup of coffee at a kopitiam. 

This has the rich body and aroma that many Malaysians love. It's nonetheless pleasantly easy to drink, with a slight acidity at the start, followed by a woody, chocolaty finish. 

You might note some nuttiness and dried raisin-like fruitiness too - ultimately, it's deeper and more complex than kopitiam coffee but exactly the kind of cup that you can thoroughly enjoy to the final gulp.

The Peru, harnessing a variety of caturra, typica, pache and bourbon beans, will intrigue coffee enthusiasts. It's roasted not only to retain its natural brown-sugar sweetness but to create a caramelised smoothness, with strawberry notes that strike a beautiful balance of sweetness, fruitiness and acidity. It's a gorgeous gateway toward more mildly acidic coffee. 

All in all, Millilitre’s drip bag coffee helps put cafe-worthy coffee always at our fingertips, at home or on the move. Keep these convenient packets in your pocket, satchel or handbag for maximum satisfaction with minimal effort.

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