Millilitre: Coffee beans roasted to order, reaching you within 7 days

June 16, 2021

When's the perfect time to brew your coffee after the beans have been freshly roasted? 

For Malaysian coffee supply specialist Millilitre, less than a week is what it takes, with the new Super 7 Fresh series of single-origin beans, currently sourced from Ethiopia and Kenya.

Beans are locally roasted on Saturdays, rested for about four days, shipped to customers around Wednesday and received by Friday.

The result: Top-notch coffee that you can easily make and enjoy in the comfort and convenience of home, simply by ordering online on millilitre.my

First-time customers are eligible for a 10% discount. In your shopping cart, use EDKLCOFFEE in the Coupon field. 

Millilitre's founder Loh Hong Pin - fondly known as Ah Loh - launched this brand three years ago, but he has been working in the coffee supply sector for seven years.

Loh began in July 2018 with a blend meant to be bold, intensely aromatic and 'kaw kaw,' characterised as being created by Malaysians for Malaysians.

Millilitre's mission is to share its knowledge and passion about coffee, helping to ensure Malaysian-roasted beans are respected on par with imported roasts.

The brand has provided fresh coffee to cafes and restaurants, supplied for special occasions and offered training and consultation services. You might have spotted its beans and bags at food bazaars, Pink October events, automobile galleries and more. 

Millilitre experiments enthusiastically with its bean selections, cupping every batch for consistency. It has partnered with multiple local roasters to offer speciality products.

Millilitre is also a socially conscious brand, supporting environmental causes by supplying to zero-waste stores and roasting with no artificial colourings or additives. It has also previously contributed a portion of its revenue to the Women's Aid Organisation to raise awareness of domestic abuse issues.

Millilitre respects the science of roasting coffee beans. Beans often release gases such as carbon dioxide during the first few days after roasting, resulting in harshness, sourness or other unpleasant flavours if brewed too soon. It takes a few days of degassing before the beans reach their prime for consumption.

Under its latest offering, the Super 7 Fresh series, customers can order from Millilitre by Friday to receive their order the next week. The beans are roasted on Saturday and sent to customers in the middle of the following week, in pursuit of the perfect cup. 

The Super 7 Fresh series now showcases two distinctive varietals (RM57 each for 250 grams).

The Ethiopia Sidama Red Natural (RM57) features fine beans to brew in hot, humid Malaysia. The beans were cultivated on fertile territory at 1,600-2,000 metres above sea level in the southern Ethiopian village of Aleta Wendo, Sidama. The beans are processed naturally, medium-roasted by Millilitre. 

Once brewed, the light body goes down smoothly, with the cleanest finish. It's fruity with notes of red berries and medium acidity, with pleasant tea-like nuances - lovely either hot or iced.

The other offering is the Kenya Baba Simba AA, straight from a smallholder farm on the slopes of Mount Kenya. This yields a medium-bodied coffee, with hints of prunes and blackcurrants, reputedly juicy with a slight citrusy finish once it cools down. 

Ordering beans is a breeze on millilitre.my/shop - the next delivery date for the Super 7 Fresh series is clearly indicated, with free shipping for orders above RM90. You can also shop for home brewing kits to begin your home brewing adventure, as well as everything from drip bags to mocha powder.

First-time customers are eligible for a 10% discount. In your shopping cart, use EDKLCOFFEE in the Coupon field. 

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