Le Petit Beret: Innovative non-alcoholic beverages, from the grapevines of France to the gourmets of Malaysia

May 2, 2021

Here's a drink that everyone can raise their glass to: Le Petit Beret offers non-alcoholic beverages conceived by French Muslim engineers in collaboration with a top French sommelier, creating a genuine drink from the vine without alcohol, without fermentation, without artificial flavours.

These 0.0%-alcohol beverages - from the Rosé Gris to the Muscat Doux - hail from the vineyards of Languedoc-Roussillon in southern France, with a wine-making heritage that stretches back centuries, courtesy of a Mediterranean climate and plenty of soil.

Le Petit Beret won the Coup de Pousse contest for innovative agri-food startups in 2015 and has steadily become more globally available and respected - it recently earned the first non-alcoholic silver medal awarded at the competition of Oenologists of France Vinalies 2021.

Now, Le Petit Beret offers all Malaysians a new range of beverages for pairing with food or for savouring on their own. 

Need a bold Pinot Noir to complement a steak? Or a dry Chardonnay with citrus notes to sip with fresh fish? Le Petit Beret's beverages can enhance your dining experiences with flavour profiles fine-tuned over years of research by combining various grapes and berries.

Low in sugar and calories, crafted with organic ingredients, these preservative-free beverages have  become a favourite among health-conscious drinkers. You'll find Le Petit Beret in hotels in Paris and London, a testament to the respect for its pedigree and production, from the grape harvesting and filtration to the racking and bottling.

Many non-alcoholic beverages are made by fermenting the drink like a regular wine, then removing the alcohol at the end of the process. Le Petit Beret sidesteps the fermentation entirely, ensuring that alcohol is never involved at any point. 

A convivial introduction to Le Petit Beret is the Rose Gris (RM96), easy-drinking with light floral notes, woven with citrus scents and subtle smokiness. It makes for a match with everything from seafood salads to pasta, as well as Asian-influenced dishes like shrimp curry and lemongrass chicken.

The Muscat Doux (RM88) sparkles for a meal-finishing treat, soft and delicate with fresh nuances of pineapples and lychee, the perfect pairing for fruits and desserts. Get a glass out while having a lemon meringue pie or strawberries with cream - no hangovers or red faces, guaranteed!

Le Petit Beret Malaysia stocks eight varietals for every occasion, from the bubbly Profil Blanc De Blancs to the berry-heavy Profil Cabernet Sauvignon; the zesty Profil Chardonnay to the cherry-forward Profil Pinot Noir; the Profil Sauvignon for an alluring aperitif to the Profil Muscat Doux that's capable of complementing everything from foie gras terrine to chicken with quince. 

Check out the full selection at lepetitberet.my/product

Le Petit Beret’s beverages are certified halal by the Great Mosque of Paris and have been recognised by the World Halal Food Council. All ingredients for these beverages are also vegan-friendly and pesticide-free.

For the Aidilfitri festive season, get 30% off Le Petit Beret's products when you order two bottles. Order online at inter-kitchen.com/product-category/beverages or purchase from premium supermarket Qra in Bukit Tunku.

Le Petit Beret
Website: lepetitberet.my
Facebook: facebook.com/lepetitberetmy 
Instagram: instagram.com/lepetitberetmy
Online store: inter-kitchen.com/product-category/beverages 

Also available at Qra @ The Stories, Persiaran Taman Tunku, Bukit Tunku, Kuala Lumpur.

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