Brotani Ventures: Fresh Malaysian MD2 pineapples for the sweetest satisfaction

April 29, 2021

The best local pineapples, crunchy-juicy and nectarously sweet, freshly sourced from farms that span the north to south of peninsular Malaysia: Brotani Ventures is passionate about pineapples, focusing on this singular spiky fruit for deliveries of whole, sliced and juiced pineapples.

Brotani Ventures is the fruit of three farm-loving friends' labour. Their MD2-species pineapples - uniformly bright-gold in colour, consistent in size and ripeness, with exceptional Vitamin C content in their densely luscious flesh - are the coveted crop of nutrient-rich Malaysian soil, known to produce some of the world's highest-quality pineapples.

These pineapples are perfectly versatile - customers have purchased them to make pineapple jams, pineapple tarts and more. You can certainly use them to prepare everything from pajeri nanas to upside-down pineapple cakes!

Brotani sells its pineapples in three forms: as a whole pineapple, called Pina Reina (RM7.90 per kilogram), pre-sliced fruit, dubbed Pina Poco (RM10 per 400-gram box), and a cold-pressed juice nicknamed Pina Lima, a rejuvenating drink with a tangy hint of calamansi to jazz up the natural vibrancy of pineapples (RM14 per 500-ml bottle). 

The flesh of the fruit is firm, plentiful and satisfyingly sweet. If you've ever had a pineapple and wished it were more full-bodied and fulfilling in its tropical richness, Brotani's pineapples are for you.

For all the pure, potent health benefits of pineapples, have these delivered to your doorstep by ordering at least one day in advance - Brotani prepares the pineapples as close to delivery as possible, cutting the fruit on the morning of delivery or chilling the juice overnight.

Brotani Ventures' three founders are just in their mid-twenties, but they have high hopes, working to set up their own pineapple farm in Bukit Cerakah and become a supplier and exporter of Malaysian pineapples. 

Brotani Ventures also currently sells Mexican Hass avocados - creamier, more durable and with a smoother surface compared to the more common Indonesian avocado. Enquire with them for more details.

Brotani Ventures

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