Hokkaido Table brings Japanese-Italian allure to Aurum Theatre in The Exchange TRX

March 16, 2024

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Weaving together Japanese zen with Italian la dolce vita, Hokkaido Table is a delightful new destination in The Exchange TRX that harnesses Hokkaido's oceanic opulence, complemented by other culinary gems from Japan.

Hokkaido Table brings three distinctive experiences to the table - an omakase room that recently launched, a full-fledged restaurant with an a la carte selection, and a beautifully shimmering bar.

Head chef Edwin masterfully harmonises the fresh seasonal flavours of Japanese cuisine and the robust richness of Italian gastronomy with poise and precision - a testament to his three-decade career spanning Switzerland, Singapore and Malaysia.

We visited Hokkaido Table this month to explore its unique omakase, with the courses gliding smoothly from ravioli to sushi, Hokkaido scallops to Miyazaki A5 wagyu beef.

Hokkaido Table is part of The Exchange TRX's luxurious Aurum Theatre, open to everyone. Find it on the mall's second floor or by entering Aurum Theatre on the third floor.

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Hokkaido Table offers omakase options such as the Five Course Business Lunch Omakase (RM288), Six Course Dinner (RM488) and Premium Seven Course Dinner Omakase (RM588) with possibilities to add on extra ingredients such as Bluefin Tuna Sashimi, Uni, Foie Gras or Half Lobster. All prices are inclusive of 6% Sales and Service Tax.

The Six Course Dinner commences with Tsukidashi, an alluring appetiser that channels the richness of Japan's seas in one gorgeous glass. Mozuku, the nutrition-packed brown seaweed, is silkily layered with the luscious springtime sensation of zuwaigani snow crab, served chilled to refresh the palate, perked up with zesty yuzu vinaigrette.

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A Raw Course of Tsukuri follows, satisfyingly sumptuous for sashimi seekers. 

What's best in season might be the aodai, a delicate sea bream with a sweet umami, plus bluefin tuna chutoro with a brilliant balance of fat and flesh, enhanced with Hokkaido Table's own-blended shoyu, sensuous and subtle.

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For the Grilled Course of Yakimono, Italian inspirations flow to the forefront with a ravioli to relish, savourily stuffed with spinach and ricotta, deepened with gorgonzola sauce and uplifted with basil oil, garnished with bell pepper for a Mediterranean-style marvel. 

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The Chef's Choice of Shiizakana showcases a gently teppanyaki-grilled Hokkaido scallop, plump and pristine, firm and full-bodied, topped with smoked herring roe for pleasurable pops of naturally smoky brininess in seafood consommé with cherry tomatoes.

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For the carnivorous course, choose from Miyazaki Wagyu Beef or Roast Lamb Rack.

The A5 sirloin yields a joyously juicy bite, bursting with beefiness, binchotan charcoal-grilled for a sultry seductiveness, balanced and buoyed with broccoli, asparagus and potato wedges.

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Hokkaido Table's omakase dedicates an entire course to sushi with splashes of special flair - aka ebi (Japanese red sea prawn), decadent with a dollop of uni; lightly torched engawa (flounder fin), buttery with a boost of fresh wasabi; hamachi with daikon oroshi and negi; and chutoru dotted with smoked herring roe.

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The Mizukashi finale is a delectable dessert, a duet of Europe and Asia via Hokkaido Table's yuzu creme brûlée, fluffy and creamy with a crisp caramelisation and mellow citrusy taste

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We'll be back to venture next into Hokkaido Table's restaurant and bar!

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Hokkaido Table
L2.AT.3, Level 2, The Exchange TRX, Persiaran TRX, Tun Razak Exchange, Kuala Lumpur.
Omakase available daily, 12pm-2pm, 6pm-8pm & 8pm-10pm. 
Tel: 011-2640-9549

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