Velvet Cinemas by GSC celebrates both cinema & cuisine in Mont Kiara's 163 Retail Park

March 14, 2024




Movie magic and culinary charm come together at Velvet Cinemas by GSC, rolling out the red carpet for customers who crave a cinematic escapade with a gastronomic adventure.

Premiering in 163 Retail Park, Velvet Cinemas is barely three months old but has become a blockbuster attraction for its plush viewing halls and sleek dining spaces, lined with posters that evoke the excitement of everything from Spielberg's Jaws to Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs. 

Make a date to catch Godzilla x Kong this month, then complete your Velvet Cinemas experience with dinner and drinks in Mont Kiara, from Cajun Chicken Quesadillas to Double Wagyu Matcha Burgers, Lancashire Lamb Hotpot to Pappardelle Oxtail Ragout.

Plus, check out the cool mocktails - and cocktails, coming soon - inspired by celluloid classics like The Big Lebowski, The Great Gatsby and The Pink Panther!

Velvet Cinemas by GSC aims to be an all-in-one spot for motion picture enthusiasts to slow down and savour spectacular film feats with a sumptuous feast.

Celebrate your love of both cinema and cuisine by enjoying one of KL's cosiest theatrical excursions here, with indulgently immersive twin sofas.

Then, move from the big screen to a big serving of fun fare at Velvet Cinemas' in-house restaurant with its own exclusive menu! The restaurant is open to everyone, even if you're not watching a movie.

Explore distinctive corners for dining and drinks - the brightly lit lounge, where customers can place their orders; a beautiful bar where the walls pay homage to movie masterworks (with a karaoke section that's free for all!); and an elegantly intimate private room for up to 14 guests.

Here with a friend or two? Share the Surf & Turf (RM49; a hearty meal on its own), loaded with chicken wings, fish fingers, onion rings, cheese sticks and fries, enhanced with Velvet's blue cheese condiment and a signature dip, an extra-rich brown sauce.

The chicken wings are lusciously lip-smacking and lovably seasoned, while the fish fingers feature flaky and fabulously clean-tasting sea bass. The onion rings are super-sized with a confidently crunchy breading and the cheese sticks are ultra-addictive with a cheddar kick.

Other platters include the Grillhouse Platter (chicken wings, lamb brochettes and jumbo chicken sausages) and the Ocean Trio (calamari fritti, Cajun prawns and fish brochettes).

In pursuit of pasta? Find this Fettuccine Chicken Cacciatore (RM26), making an Italian impression with al dente fettuccine tossed with tender chicken simmered in a tangy-sweet sauce of tomatoes, vegetables and herbs. 

Light bites and kids' meals are also available, including Mac & Cheese, Bangers & Mash and Chicken Katsu Burgers.

Desserts supply a satisfyingly sweet ending to your showtime outing. 

The Knickerbocker Glory (RM20) is an old-school sundae with layers of playful textures, heaped with vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberries, mochi, lychees and pistachios in a tall glass, suitably topped with freshly popped popcorn!

For a refreshment before, during or after the flick, sip on the Galaxy Yuzu Lemonade (RM17), perfect to pair with a sci-fi space epic, perky with a citrusy liveliness.

End your Velvet Cinemas encounter by checking out Keepsake, the counter of GSC limited-edition seasonal keepsakes, for fans of everything from Taylor Swift to Dungeons & Dragons!

Velvet Cinemas by GSC
3F-02, Third Floor, 163 Retail Park, Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.

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