Feast on Three Plates Full's Christmas Porchetta Set for a cracklingly perfect pork celebration

December 7, 2023

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The hunt for a festive porchetta ends at Three Plates Full this year: If all you want for Christmas is the perfect roast, with that gorgeous golden-brown crackling and rich, moist meat, reserve your roll starting 8 December 2023.

Offered for dine-in and takeaway, Three Plates Full's Christmas-edition porchetta is priced at RM168++, serving 3 to 5 persons, showcasing a succulent U.S. pork belly slab, rounded out with Fuji apple sauce, Asian slaw, plum salad, house-crafted focaccia, and twice-baked baby potatoes with muhammara dip.

Each portion of porchetta takes three days to prepare, so preorders are essential. Make your bookings via WhatsApp at https://bit.ly/wa3pf or +6011-5411-8797

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Three Plates Full takes pride in its pork pleasures, so it's no surprise that this Christmas porchetta is meticulously made from start to finish.

The U.S. corn-fed pork belly - sweeter and larger than local pork - is thoughtfully trimmed to the precise size on order before being painstakingly brined, butterflied and scored.

If you're seeking a well-seasoned porchetta, this one hits the spot - the marinade is balanced with a mouthwatering medley of fresh herbs and spices, spanning rosemary, thyme, orange zest, cloves, cinnamon, coriander seeds, rum, garlic and onion. 

Fun fact: The marinade is rubbed on the inside of the roll to ensure full flavour penetration!

The slab is trussed before being baked in the oven, not once, but twice - first at high heat to crisp up the skin, second to slow-cook the interior. It's rested in a holding oven to preserve every ounce of its tender juices! Finally, before reaching the table, each serving is hand-sliced.

The result: A thick, triumphant crackling for that crunch that shatters satisfyingly to the bite, with a lusciously fleshy chew that's full-bodied in flavour and fragrance, coupled with yellow mustard and bright, creamy Fuji apple sauce enhanced with cinnamon and caramelised onions.

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Bringing cheerful colours to the celebratory Christmas table, Three Plates Full complements its porchetta with an aromatic Asian slaw of julienned carrots, white and red cabbage and diced tomatoes with a sesame and cashew garnish and honey soy ginger dressing, plus a plum salad of house-blended plum vinaigrette on red radish, sliced cherry tomatoes and cashew nuts, both vibrantly lively with zest, zip and zing. 

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Carbs come in the form of brilliantly browned baby potatoes, showered with almond flakes and spiced up with a muhammara dip of roasted red capsicum, cumin, apple cider, paprika, cayenne pepper and honey, and focaccia, the ideal Italian bread to accompany an Italian-inspired pork classic, house-baked with oregano and cherry tomatoes, complete with extra virgin olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar.

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Put everything together for a full plate that your family and friends will thoroughly enjoy - a hearty Yuletide feast that thrills the taste buds, satisfies the stomach and soul, and makes for a memorable close to the year!

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Three Plates Full
57, Jalan SS 15/4E, , Subang Jaya, 47500 Selangor. 
Daily, 11am-10pm. Tel: 03-5613-3315

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