Cake Tella: PJ's alcoholic cake specialist expands with spiked ice cream cakes, cream puffs, chocolate truffles & more

July 9, 2021

For nine years, Cake Tella has poured lots of love and liquor into its temptations, ginning up chocolate cakes and spiking mousse cakes with a pirate ship's worth of rum, whisky, Guinness, Baileys and Kahlua.

Everything so far has emerged from the home kitchen of baker Eddie Tan, a KDU culinary graduate who launched Cake Tella in his early twenties. Now 32, Eddie is embarking on the next chapter of Cake Tella's story, channeling a decade of savings to move into a factory-style cloud kitchen in Taman Mayang Jaya.

Eddie crafts his cakes to create happy memories. As a child, some of his favourite experiences were spending time with his family on food-hunting adventures led by his father. His cakes seek to kindle a similar excitement, laced with alcohol for a distinctive guilty pleasure.

Cake Tella's expansion is spurring a wider spectrum of desserts, including alcoholic ice cream cakes, chocolate truffles and cream puffs. Let's look at some of Eddie's greatest cake hits, plus his playfully imaginative fresh concoctions, which can be ordered at caketella.com

With some 50 kinds of cakes to choose from, making your first choice might be a dilemma.

Want the bestseller? Caketella’s top treat is the Tiramisu Kahlua, crowned with a generous blanket of caramelised almonds, spread across premium Italian mascarpone cheese scented with French vanilla, layered over Kahlua-soaked sponge.

One of Cake Tella's identifying characteristics are the cute, charming Pop Rocks Men perched on each cake, with popping candy in these chocolate men. Buoyed further by whisky-infused chocolate balls, this might be the best-loved tiramisu cake for many in the Klang Valley, with a potent boost of coffee liqueur.

The Tiramisu Kahlua starts at RM115 for a 6-inch cake, topping out at RM155 for an 8-incher.

If rum-and-raisin is your all-time favourite, the Rum Raisin Chocolate Mousse (RM135 for 8”) is the easiest pick, especially for chocoholics. 

With sensuously bittersweet mousse made of 70% dark chocolate on a butter biscuit base, this would be decadently divine on its own, but Cake Tella enhances the enjoyment with drunken raisins infused deeply with rum and red wine, promising an extra-powerful kick in each slice.

At EDKL, Baileys is our fave, so we'd order the Signature Baileys Chocolate Mousse (RM155 for 8”). 

For this, both the luscious Belgian dark chocolate mousse and moist chocolate sponge are infused with Irish cream liqueur, layered with caramelised crunchy hazelnuts. To keep the party going, you can even order extra shots of Baileys in the cake if you like.

Happy hours continue with Cake Tella's latest ice cream cakes, also alcohol-infused, with ice cream churned out through an Italian-made Carpigiani ice cream machine.

Expect smooth, sultry alcoholic ice cream, illustrated by the Whisky Coffee Ice Cream Cake (RM140 for 6” and at RM170 for 8”). There's more to come soon, with Tiramisu Ice Cream Cake and Rum Raisin Ice Cream Cake in the pipeline.

If a whole cake is a bit too much, especially when most people aren’t gathering together, check out Cake Tella's new box sets (RM55-RM60) These change daily, always comprising multiple slices of different cakes - a wonderful way to sample Cake Tella’s various offerings, to figure out which cake you like best. Cake Tella often includes its latest R&D products in these sets, so you might be pleasantly surprised with, say, Baileys chocolate cream puffs, whisky Swiss rolls or whisky chocolate truffle cubes. 

Order on caketella.com at least two days in advance. 

Images in this post are courtesy of Cake Tella.

31, Jalan SS 26/15, Taman Mayang Jaya, 47301 Selangor.
Delivers Monday-Thursday, 10am-4pm; Friday-Saturday, 10am-5pm. Tel: 016-2456-580

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