Be Yours Cafe, Klang

September 1, 2023

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Be Yours Cafe could be our current favourite stop in Klang - this friendly destination is cosy and comforting, with food and beverages prepared with care.

The cafe's founders have worked hard to create a neighbourhood space where customers can feel at home.

Be Yours Cafe serves a wide selection of crowd-pleasers - from Pan-Fried Saba Fish with Dragonfruit to Prawn Arrabbiata Pasta to Orange Crispy Chicken Chop, bolstered by beverages like Honeycomb Caramel Milk, Dragonfruit Yakult Drink and Rosemary Drink.

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Choose a corner at Be Yours Cafe to relax - the two-level setting is clean and calm. Downstairs, wood tones help to set a soothing tone, while upstairs evokes a faux garden terrace. Books and artwork create a lived-in feel for a welcoming personal touch. 

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There's something to try for everyone at Be Yours Cafe.

Fans of fish, check out the Pan-fried Saba Fish (RM18) - the mackerel is marvellously matched with dragonfruit for a refreshing balance of flavours and textures, complete with cabbage and lemon for a nutritious uplift. The ideal wholesome light meal. 

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The Norwegian Salmon Fillet with Green Salad & Fries (RM28) proves fresh and flaky, sure to satisfy salmon enthusiasts. Moist and mouthwatering, not overcooked or over-seasoned.

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For pasta pleasure, order the Prawn Arrabbiata Pasta (RM20; slick, spicy and tangy, tossed with plenty of prawns, cherry tomatoes, chillies and curry leaves) and Black Truffle Mushroom Pasta (RM25; aromatic with truffle oil, lusciously earthy with sliced mushrooms).

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The Black Pepper Sauce Lamb Chop (RM28) is the heartiest platter - the chunky lamb chop proves perfect for red-meat carnivores, with a princely portion of aglio olio pasta, fries and salad with sesame sauce. A worthwhile bargain for the price.

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Chomp on chicken: Be Yours' Orange Crispy Chicken Chop (RM20) showcases an irresistibly crunchy-crackly chop that's joyously juicy inside, buoyed by a creamy orange lemon sauce with a zesty sweetness, served with fries, baked beans and house-blended sesame sauce salad.

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Burger buffs, bookmark the Giant Burger Teriyaki Chicken (RM23 with fries) - a burger for big appetites, generous with grilled chicken in soy-sweet teriyaki sauce, sandwiched with egg, lettuce, cucumber, cabbage, onions, tomato and mayo in a sesame seed bun. 

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The Tartar Japanese Tuna Toast (RM14) is fuss-free and fulfilling, featuring five slices of baguette paired with Japanese tuna chunks in tartar sauce. A simple teatime snack or a starter to share.

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Be Yours Cafe's range of beverages is equally impressive.

The Dalgona Latte (RM13) is an easy-going coffee drink - Be Yours Cafe makes its own honeycomb to infuse a nectarous sweetness into the subtly nutty, milky coffee.

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For a chilled refreshment on hot, humid afternoons, we love the Mexico Latte (RM13) with vanilla ice cream that cools this creamy latte even further.

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Various non-caffeinated coolers are also available, all crafted with heart, such as the charming, cheerful Strawberry Milk (RM11).

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The Honeycomb Caramel Milk (RM7) is a hit with kids of all ages - and many adults too!

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The Dragonfruit Yakult Drink (RM10) is a tasty treat, with the probiotic tartness of the Yakult made mellow with the ripe mildness of the dragonfruit.

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Also for Yakult devotees, the Mixed Fruits Yakult (RM10) is a playful fruit punch with a perky kick. 

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For a healthful beverage, the Rosemary Drink (RM6.80) is minty with nice herbaceous notes. 

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The Mango Peach Sparkling (RM14) and Strawberry Refresh Sparkling (RM14) are fun sodas, with a fruity fizziness that makes for lively, lovely sips.

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Be Yours Cafe 
55, Jalan Bayu Laut 4/KS09, Kota Bayuemas Pendamar, 41200 Klang, Selangor.
Open Friday-Wednesday, 11am-8pm. Tel: 011-6512-2181