Aloft's Awesome Afternoon Tea: Savouries, sweets & scones for whimsical weekends

October 6, 2021

Make your weekend more whimsical, wondrous and winning with Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral’s new Awesome Afternoon Tea, a treat exclusively available every Saturday and Sunday, 2pm to 5pm.

This afternoon tea set arrives in a charming, hand-painted bird cage for two to share, served in Aloft's relaxed, spacious lounge setting of WXYZ, with tall windows that open up to leafy views.

Aloft's Awesome Afternoon Tea set retails at RM128++. Sets are limited, so bookings are encouraged. Takeaways and deliveries are also available, with dine-in for guests with vaccination certificates. Please call 03-2723-1154 or email kulai.b&[email protected]

True to the spirit of Aloft, it's a sassy, triple-S set, showcasing savouries, sweets and scones.

The savouries are masterfully made, each evoking the enjoyable experience of eating out. Thoughtful details shine in delicate, bite-sized temptations.

Florets of smoked salmon are jazzed up with pink peppercorn plus lumpfish roe for spice and brininess, crowned with colourful edible flowers atop fried mantou buns, crispy outside, fluffy within.

Crab rolls come with olive dust in Japanese cucumber strips on compressed sous-vide watermelon, like a fresh springtime salad concentrated in one convenient treat.

Chicken teriyaki is marinated overnight, seared before being served in cubes wrapped in beef bacon strips, a double dose of protein, brightened with sun-dried tomato atop garlic toast croutons.

Every creation tastes terrific, extending to the asparagus rolled in turkey ham with herbed ricotta.

The sweets are equally irresistible.

The apple crumble muffin is delectable, complete with ripe, tender pieces of real apples, while the mixed fruit pavlova is even fruitier, with a tropical mix stuffed in soft meringue.

Two chocolate classics round out the ensemble: The chocolate fudge eclair is generously laden with premium chocolate, while the black forest roulade is a creamy dream, created with 63% dark chocolate.

The lemon raspberry cake is perhaps the most striking, resembling a present in a box, coated in white chocolate with a pink 'ribbon' - one bite reveals the gift of lemon and raspberry layers inside.

The set also features house-made classic scones and raisin scones, partnered not only with jam and butter but zesty lemon cream that adds a lovely sparkle to the fresh scones.

The set includes JING Tea, with whole tea leaves in biodegradable teabags, infused into full-flavoured beverages. If you plan to sip on more than tea, you can order drinks by WXYZ, such as Mango Coolers served in skull-shaped glasses.

Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral
No. 5, Jalan Stesen Sentral, Kuala Lumpur Sentral, 50470 Kuala Lumpur.

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